Medical Technology: A Doctor's View Of The Past, Present And Future & MHealth Start-up Pitch05/13/2015 - 05/13/2015


Medical Technology: A Doctor's view of the Past, Present and Future & mHealth Start-up Pitch


Wednesday, May 13, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)

Santa Clara, CA

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6:30 pm     Check-in & Networking (light food provided)

7:00 pm     Introduction

7:15 pm     Keynote – "Medical Technology: A Doctor's View of the Past, Present and Future"

8:15 pm     4 Start-up Pitch


  •  AkibaH Health Corp.
  •  Pelesend
  •  Ayda
  •  Vivid Vision


9:00 pm      Adjourn


Event Introduction


This February, we explored mHealth Trend in 2015, discovered how providers can utilize technology for providing better care delivery, improving the quality of care and increasing the efficiency of collaboration among clinicians, along with witnessing the opportunities for the medical devices and learning what roles the Big Data and Cloud Services can play in 2015. At today’s session, Dr. Lin, will discuss the state of medical technology from the past (traditional devices), present (health IT, second generation devices), and future (mobile/digital health). He will provide a physician's perspective of his day-to-day interactions with medical technology and discuss areas that mobile and digital health could be useful in the future.

In February, we had also discovered how healthcare start-ups could get ready to catch this exciting wave in 2015! Now it’s time to witness how these great ideas are put into action! From many candidates, four start-ups have been selected to share their great ideas/products and how they are going to execute them. Are you anxious to be a part of the game? Are you ready to experience first-class entrepreneurship? Are you looking for an investment project? This is your opportunity!!!

Come and join us! You will have a great time!


Speakers Bio


Bryant Lin,  Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of the Consultative Medicine Clinic,Stanford University

"Medical Technology: A Doctor's view of the Past, Present and Future"

Clinician, researcher, inventor and entrepreneur, Bryant Lin, MD, MEng lives at the intersection of medicine, engineering and business. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford University where he has a busy medical practice and researches novel health technologies. His clinical practice focuses on primary care and diagnostic medicine as the founding Medical Director of the Consultative Medicine Clinic where he sees patients with previously undiagnosed symptoms. He has advised and co-founded several digital health and medical device startups and has several patents issued and pending. Dr. Lin completed Fellowships at Stanford in Biodesign and Cardiovascular Research and his Internal Medicine Residency and MD degrees at Tufts University. Prior to his career in medicine, he worked as a management consultant and received his undergraduate and masters degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


Dipankar Ganguly. CEO of AkibaH Health Corp.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, AkibaH is an mHealth company and Techstars alumnus disrupting diabetes management. The company has developed the world’s first all-in-one smartphone case glucose meter. This patent pending product empowers people with diabetes to live their lives untethered from bulky meters, cables, connectors, testing supplies and logbooks. It uses a Blue-tooth linked app and cloud-based analytics to present glucose levels in the context of other actionable information such as activity, diet, and more. The company’s recurring revenue-based initial market is estimated to be more than $23B a year in the US alone (ADA & Pew Research, 2013/2014).

Marc Bandt, CEO of Pelesend

Founder & CEO, 20+ years of Healthcare industry experience; Other startups include Healtheon/WebMD and led CurbsideMD & Crossapps

PAAS platform for rapid application development and delivery for healthcare and life sciences
- Examples
● Remote and home monitoring applications (Nable)
● applications for diabetes, CHF, hypertension and sleep apnea
● Applications leveraging IOT, sensors and wearables
● Consumer centered applications for immunizations, patient check, assessments and collections
● Enabling secure provider and patient comm centered around the above

James Foody, Co-Founder & CEO of Ayda

Women in developed countries all over the world are choosing to have children later in life. And with an increase in age, comes a drop in fertility. A woman at the age of 35 has half the chance of conceving than she did at 25. Millions of women have difficulty getting pregnant every year in the US alone. Ayda's team of biomedical engineers, business people and designers care passionately about solving this problem.

Ayda is a wearable fertility tracker. Worn only during sleep, Ayda enables women to identify when they are most fertile so they can maximize their chances of conceiving naturally.

James Blaha, CEO of Vivid Vision

Vivid Vision is Build cutting edge vision care products. They start with lazy eyes for their treatments and make tests and diagnostics for acuity, stereoacuity, vergence and accommodation, and fusion.