Investment And Retirement Planning Seminar [中工會]個人投資與退休理財講座08/01/2015 - 08/01/2015

Investment and Retirement Planning Seminar



Date8/1 (Sat) 1:30-5:30pm

Place: Cadence Auditorium 
            2655 Seely Ave
            San Jose, CA 95134
Building 10 (5-story glass building), ground floor
Free parking 

1:30-1:40pm   Introduction

1:40-2:10pm   1. Professor Frederick Hsia 夏祖焯: Personal Investment Considerations in Domestic and Foreign 個人投資面面觀 ─ 房市、股市、創投 ─ 境內及境外
2:20-3pm       2. Dr. Pei-Lin Pai 白培霖: Starting Up a High Tech Company in US, Taiwan and China. 美,台,陸高科技創業甘苦談

3:10-3:50pm   3. Julia Hsiao 蕭朱玲 J.D., LL.M., New York Life: Common Mistakes in Estate Planning. 遺產規劃常見的錯誤

4:00-4:40pm   4. Stephen Koh 高士超, VP, Chartered Leadership Fellow, Mass Mutual: Taming a Bear Market in Retirement.  退休時面臨熊市的應對
4:50-5:20pm   5. Dr. William Kao 高耀京: Sector Rotation in Stock Market Relating to Economic Situation「類股輪動」何時該買那類股票?
5:20-5:30pm   Conclude and Overall Q&A
Introduction of Speakers:
(1) Professor Frederick Hsia 夏祖焯, currently teaching in Taiwan. Dr. Hsia has diversified investment experiences in stock market, real estate and venture capital investments in the US, Taiwan and China.
(2) Dr. Pei-Lin Pai 白培霖, vice-President for a high tech firm in Taiwan. He has vast successful and unsuccessful venture capital investment experiences for start up high tech firms in Silicon Valley, Taiwan and China.
(3) Julia Hsiao, J.D., LL.M 蕭朱玲, a financial expert and council agent at New York Life since 1998. She has extensive knowledge and is specialized in estate conversation and wealth accumulation. She has over 20 years vast experiences in financial services and estate planning.
(4) Mr. Stephen Koh 高士超, Chartered Leadership Fellow, currently VP at MassMutual. For 30 years as a financial advisor, he has had extensive
experience managing top insurance and investment professionals in the industry. He taught Marketing at CSUEB adjunct faculty.
(5) Dr. William Kao 高耀京 teaches new emerging technologies at UC Santa Cruz Extension. Also lectures on stock market investing, 老子Tao Te Chin, 孫子Art of War, etc.