CIE CleanTech Seminar On Flood Protection And Energy Storage Technology10/20/2015 - 10/20/2015

October 2015 CIE Clean Technology Seminar on Flood Protection and Energy Storage Technology:      

Date: Oct 20, 2015 (Tuesday) 7:00 - 9:00 pm (Registration starts at 6:30pm)
      Venue: ITRI Int’l, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite #140, San Jose, CA

Ms. Shari Carlet  will present a Community perspective of Flood Protection versus Ecological Conservation of Urban Streams, and  Dr. William  Kao will give a most recent status of the field of Energy Storage including lithium ion batteries and solar residential storage.

Talk Title:   Flood Protection versus Ecological Conservation of Urban Streams, A Community Perspective    by Shari Carlet, CFM 
Talk Abstract: Streams provide the important functions of water supply, navigation, hydropower generation, recreation, and ecological services. However, it can also cause flood hazards resulting in property damages and loss of human life. For urban streams, flood protection is vitally important to social and economic developments. Traditionally, flood protections for urban stream streams are achieved through increase in flood conveying capacities by replacing natural channels with concrete paved channels and building levees. Such measures in general include removal of natural habitats in the channels and riparian vegetation on the banks, resulting in degradation of ecological functions and aesthetic values of the streams. As the public is increasingly concern about man-made environmental and ecological impacts, a balance between flood protection and preservation of ecological functions of urban streams should be addressed. In that respect, flood protection projects should adopt measures that would serve both needs. Ms. Carlet will discuss the planning principles of the flood protection efforts for San Francisquito Creek in Palo Alto as an example. A sustainable approach is being explored as various alternatives are discussed to address regulatory requirements as well as the community’s concerns.  
Speaker Bio: Shari Carlet currently serves as a Storm Water Engineer for the City of Palo Alto and is a certified Floodplain Manager. She received her Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering and her Masters in Water Resource and Environmental Engineering from San Jose State University. Ms. Carlet has a combined 12 years of working experience with public agencies including the City of Palo Alto, City of Gilroy, and City of San Jose. Majority of her work experience includes public works capital projects including storm water improvement projects, major utility projects, wastewater treatment projects, and green street infrastructure projects. She has a great interest in sustainable water resources as well as environmental issues addressing water resources.
Talk Title: Energy Storage 2015: Overview, Trends  by  Dr. William Kao
Talk Abstract:  The renewable energy industry faces several hurdles in its path to deployment, such as the intermittent nature of renewable technologies, its inability to support base load demand for power, and the lack of grid infrastructure capable of handling renewable energy technologies. The development of energy storage systems can help to mitigate these obstacles and maintain grid stability by eliminating the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources. There are several different ways of storing excess energy generated for later use, which includes chemical, electrochemical, mechanical, and thermal storage. In this talk Dr. Kao will discuss the importance and need of energy storage for grid and transportation, present an overview of the various technologies: pumped hydro, compressed air, flywheel, ultra capacitors, batteries ( lithium ion, sodium sulfur, flow batteries, lead acid, fuel cells). He will also talk about most recent trends in energy storage for both grid and residential.
Speaker Bio: Dr. William Kao received his BSEE, MSEE and PhD from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He worked in the Semiconductor and Electronic Design Automation industries for more than 30 years holding several senior and executive engineering management positions at Texas Instruments, Xerox Corporation, Cadence Design Systems.
 Dr. Kao has authored more than 40 technical papers on semiconductor design in IEEE Journals and Conferences, and holds eight US software and IC design patents. He was an Adjunct Professor at UCLA Electrical Engineering Department where he taught courses in computer aided IC design.
Dr. Kao is a Senior Member of IEEE, and was one of the founding members of IEEE-Circuits and Systems - Silicon Valley Chapter, where he was Chapter Chair in 2005- 2006.
Dr. Kao currently teaches Renewable Energy, Clean Technology and Business Sustainability courses at the University of California Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley Extension.  He is a consultant for several Clean Tech and VC companies in Silicon Valley, and a Clean Technology consultant for the Chinese Government, for the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology, and for the Malaysian Government on new Emerging Technologies.
Between  2009-2015 Dr. Kao has authored and presented more than  50 talks, seminars, and short courses on the subjects of Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, Business Sustainability, and  Emerging Technologies including Big Data, Robotics, Drones, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, 3D Printing, and Augmented Reality.

Aside from technology Dr. Kao also frequently lectures on interdisciplinary education, soft skills, financial investments, green MBA, and Chinese philosophy (Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Sun Tzu).