CASPA Special Seminar On China’s Semiconductor Industry: Rising Path Of China Semiconductor Industry11/21/2015 - 11/21/2015

Inline image 1 CASPA Special Seminar on China’s Semiconductor Industry


Are you seeking a career in the semiconductor industry, or your job is related to the semiconductor industry? Do you want to be informed about the current developing progress of the semiconductor industry in China which may impact your company and the industry in the US? Do you want to find out new opportunities that are created by such progress made in China? We are very pleased to present a speaker to share his insights of the current progress of the semiconductor industry in China as well as his vision of the future of the industry. 



Time: 11/21, Sat. 1pm - 4pm (We will do raffle to give away more than 10 gift cards!! The highest prize is $100)

1:00 ~ 1:30pm Registration and Networking

1:30 ~ 1:45pm Opening remark – CASPA President XiaoNing Qi

1:45 ~ 2:45pm Main Theme Presentation – Michael Chen

2:45 ~ 3:10pm XMC Company Introduction – Annie Wang

3:10 ~ 3:40pm Q&A – Michael Chen

3:40 ~ 4:00pm Networking

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Venue: Cadence auditorium, Building 10, 2655 Seely Ave. San Jose


Rising Path of China Semiconductor Industry

Penetration and Re-shape of Semiconductor Competition Landscape


China’s import on IC has surpassed energy and oil. IC consumption in China will be over 40% of worldwide market in 2018 by forecast. Memory is around 25% of the entire IC industry and applied in various applications across cell phone, laptop, servers etc. Currently, China has almost nothing on this segment but will invest tens of billions dollars in memory competitions through different approaches with strong determinations, including building fabs and acquiring them through M&A. Through this plan on memory, China will penetrate both Semiconductor and Storage segments. Another well recognized opportunity is the IOT market. Its impact to the lives of human being is huge and potential market revenue is gigantic. China has the fertile soil for IOT since it has the biggest number of internet users, the biggest auto and cell phone market, the biggest MCU market, and etc. Not only that, the policy maker is driving for Smart City/Society and IOT is the key. The semiconductor competition landscape will be re-shaped…


Speaker: Michael Chen, EVP & CBO of XMC


Mr. Chen has more than 25 years of experience in semiconductor industry. Michael is with XMC as Executive VP & CBO (Chief Business Officer). Prior to XMC, Michael was with Pericom as VP and General Manager. Before Pericom, Michael was with Lattice as department head. He served various management positions in 4 start-up companies, one went IPO and two were acquired. Michael not only has deep insight on the chip & system design but also extensive experience in strategy planning and business model exploration of IC industry. Mr. Chen also once served various teaching positions (like guest professor) in Stanford University, San Jose State University, Beijing Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Mr. Chen received his MS in Electrical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. Michael was Chairman of CASPA (2001-2002). He published several books and multiple papers in international conferences.