CASPA Financial Seminar02/24/2016 - 02/24/2016

CASPA Financial Seminar ( Feb. 24/Wed., 2016 ) at 6:30 p.m. at  ITRI (San Jose)

ITRI Address: 2870 Zanker Rd # 109, San Jose, CA 95134

ITRI Phone: (408) 428-9988

2 speakers :  Mr. Rex Chou and Ms. Lily Tan



Is the US stock market heading to a bear market?

The global stock market had the worst January of a year since 2008 financial crisis. China's slowing economy and the plunging oil price have raised a big concern to investors. How low can the oil price go? Will high yield bonds go bust and trigger another financial crisis? Is the US stock market heading to a bear market?  Please come to the seminar for these answers. 

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Speaker's Bio :


Rex Chou has 20 years' investment and financial service experiences. in 2013, he founded the New Asset Investment Advisors LLC, a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser in the Bay Area. He is well known locally for his weekly interview by Sound of Hope Radio Station on FM 96.1 for market outlook and investment education. From 2008 to 2012,  Rex Chou was the Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Far Eastern Asset Management Company Limited, a joint venture of Deutsche Bank and Far Eastern International Bank. Prior to this, Rex has held a variety of senior business development, investment consulting, and customer service roles at Schroders, HSBC Asset Management, and Fidelity Investments in Taiwan. Rex holds an MBA from Drexel University in the US and is also a Registered Investment Adviser Representative in the US and a Certificated Securities Investment Analyst in Taiwan.

New Assets Investment Advisors LLC

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Topic :


- The difference between "Before Tax and After Tax" growth.

- What is "Safe Asset"? How does it protect your family?

- What happens when RMD runs out your retirement fund?

- What is Annuity?  How many different kinds? What is best for you?


Speaker's Bio :


Lily Financial Services will work closely with you to help you develop your long-term strategies tailored to meet your personal risk tolerance, investment timelines ...

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