IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Santa Clara Valley "The Future Of Urban Transport" By BOLT Motorbikes02/23/2016 - 02/23/2016

Meeting Place NVIDIA - 2800 Scott Blvd., Building E, Santa Clara

Meeting Time

Feb. 23, 2016

Meetings start at 6:30pm with pizza & drinks.
The talk starts at 7:00pm, and the meeting ends at 8:30PM.

Fees paid at door

Non-IEEE members $10
IEEE members - $5
IEEE CES and IEEE Student members - Free

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Nathan Jauvtis: 
Bolt Motorbikes Founder, Nathan Jauvtis, has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has always had a passion for reducing our environmental impact, including founding non-profit A-Day-Without-Driving, a grassroots movement dedicated to educating the world about how we can decrease our carbon footprint. His passion for the environment has been one of the driving forces to create Bolt Motorbikes.  As part of the core team at Zero Motorcycles, his contributions led to the production scale of their flagship X-model.

Talk Title: The Future of Urban Transport

Getting around a city is a real pain. Whether it's horrible pollution or congested streets, innovations are coming to change the way people get around their city centers. Join the founder of the cloud connected Bolt Motorbikes, Dr. Nathan Jauvtis, as he showcases some of the innovative technology named the "Best Stuff of the Year" by GQ and CNN Money's "Hit of CES" that are solving the problems urbanites deal with everyday.

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NVIDIA - 2800 Scott Blvd.. Building E. Santa Clara, CA 95050