2/24 CASPA & Silicon Catalyst Entrepreneurship Workshop II Meeting02/24/2016 - 02/24/2016

Product Planning: Which Assumption Will Kill Your Company?


To plan your technology business, you have to make assumptions. Unfortunately, some of those assumptions may not be perfect. So the big question becomes, "Which assumption will kill your company?"

In this two-hour interactive workshop, you will learn how to identify the assumptions hidden in your business and product plans, and how to validate those assumptions with the one audience that matters: customers.

Workshop Agenda:


  1. The Seven Deadly Assumptions: which ones are hiding in your plan?

  2. Why email & web surveys can’t solve the problem

  3. How to research your market in 10 days or less

  4. Who to talk to & how to talk to them

  5. Asking the right questions

  6. Interpreting the results

Case Study: Steve Wozniak’s Biggest Failure

Hands-On Exercises: Up to two attending companies will have their elevator pitch picked apart to identify every assumption. The payoff? A validation plan, created on-the-spot using techniques from the workshop, describing which assumptions to accept, which assumptions can kill you, and how to validate the reality with customers.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone responsible for planning products, especially in fast-moving markets, should attend this workshop. If you’ve ever had to speculate about functionality, guess about demand, or anticipate user requirements, you will leave this workshop knowing how to get customers to give you the answers you need.

Workshop Leader:

Dave Millman came to Silicon Valley from MIT in 1981, and has worked with startups in engineering, sales and marketing roles ever since (except for a mercifully short stint as a Director at IBM). He has over 15 years experience providing market validation and due diligence research to high-tech startups, and is currently the principal at StopAssuming.com.


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