1st Innovation Competition Of International Talents (Silicon Valley)03/27/2016 - 03/27/2016

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The competition, held by Shenzhen Municipal Government, is the first of its kind in Shenzhen. SVIEF, the leading event planner in high tech industry in Silicon Valley, is the co-organizer of this event.
The topics covered include Internet and mobile Internet, electronic science and technology, biotech and life science, advanced manufacturing, and new material and clean technology.
With the selected innovative projects covering a wide range of topics, the talented startup founders presenting their outstanding products, the professionals with profound impact and in-depth knowledge in the high tech industry, the 1st Innovation Competition of International Talents (Silicon Valley) is expected to showcase some of the most innovative projects of the year, to unveil the most important trends at the core of high tech and innovation, and to make a huge impact on the innovation industry.
About the 1st Innovation Competition of International Talents

Sunday, 3/27/2016
1:00PM-5:00PM PDT

Santa Clara Convention Center (Theater at the 2nd floor)
         5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, California


Opening Remark
Panel Discussion: Paving the Way into Overseas Market from Shenzhen
Startup Demo Part 1
Panel Discussion: Globalization: Shenzhen as the “Silicon Valley” of Smart Device
Startup Demo Part 2
Closing Speech
Awarding Ceremony
VIP Banquet

The Competition will launch station competitions in five locations: Sydney of Australia, Munich of Germany, Tel Aviv of Israel and Silicon Valley of the U.S. (in alphabetical order by the first letter of country names in English). It’s open to all overseas high-level talents, regardless of their nationality. All of them are welcome. 
Targeting at international high-level talents and aiming to select excellent talents with strong ability in innovation, advanced technology and management ability, outstanding advantages, distinctive characteristics of high-end leadership, and strong impetus ability for basic innovation, the Competition is expected to promote talents and projects to settle down in Shenzhen (Not require), trigger local industrial transition and upgrading, and to help the city secure a leading position in emerging industry development.
Market Orientation
Social resources will be incorporated under the leadership and guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal Government. A market-based mode will be adopted. Professional service providers will be engaged to improve the professional level of the Competition. Industry experts, human resource service and venture capital organizations will be invited for review. Human resource and venture capital engagement platforms will be set up to improve the efficiency of resource allocation in the market.
SVIEF(Silicon Valley Information & Entrepreneurship Forum), the predecessor of which is 99 People Inc., is a leading high tech platform and business service company.

It aims to build a professional platform-SVIEF-to promote the communication between the high tech industry in China and U.S.; it manages to build an advanced high tech social network by holding events like large-scale conference, monthly and weekly innovation & investment events as well as by online & mobile platforms; it facilitates information exchange as well as project investments in high tech industry; it provides an effective way and a privileged platform for Chinese high tech company, startups and investors to march into the U.S. market.

The platform has been up and running for more than 5 years and has established a mature business model.

The corporate headquarter locates at Silicon Valley, U.S. and has a branch office in Beijing, China.





Santa Clara Convention Center (Theater at the 2nd floor) 5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, California