2009 CASPA BOD Election

Sep 24, 2009

Dear CASPA members,

CASPA has grown stronger and more influential in the US and in Asia, with your membership and continuing support. The success of CASPA depends solely on the unselfish devotion of volunteer members. One opportunity of enjoying the great tradition of CASPA and making a difference to the community is to become an elected Director of CASPA. It is a wonderful personal experience that you perform volunteer work with new and old friends. You shall be responsible of organizing symposiums, interacting with international organizations, planning for foreign delegation visits, or editing publications. You also have ample opportunities meeting industry veterans and receiving foreign delegations.

The election of new Directors will be an important agenda of our upcoming Annual Conference to be held on Oct. 24, 2009 in Santa Clara, CA. You are encouraged to participate in the election if you meet the following qualification. "The Directors to be elected for the ensuing year shall be elected at the annual meeting by the attending members and they shall serve for a term of two years. Any active individual member with at least six months of membership before the election is qualified as candidate of Directors."

Please send your application email to office@caspa.com.
Please use the title of "2009 CASPA BOD Election" for your email.
Please provide us with 1. your name, 2. company and job title, and 3. your significant experiences and areas of contribution in brief. Our election committee will verify your qualification and get in touch with you. Deadline of submitting your application to 2009 BOD election is October 10, 2009.