CASPA 4/21/2010 Event Talks- "Financial And Career Development"04/21/2010 - 04/21/2010


CASPA 4/21/2010 Event Talks     
"Financial and Career Development"

Date/Time:        Apr 21, 2010 (Wednesday), 6:30pm-8:30pm

Venue: ITRI International
 2870 Zanker Road, Suite 140, San Jose, CA 95134
Fee: Free to all (Refreshment will be provided)
Language:         English
6:00pm – 6:30pm, Registration & Networking
6:30pm –6:45pm, Welcome from CASPA
6:45pm – 7:30pm, Global Banking in the 21 Century
7:30pm – 8:30pm, How to get a job in Bay Area?
With global economy in recovery, how to position yourself in Silicon Valley and benefit from the boom in Asia will be discussed. The jobs market and financial aspect of the industry is constantly changing while the technology undergoes a new round of innovations and the manufacturing moves to factories in Asia. CASPA has arranged a series of career and financial development events to help individuals to adjust to the industry trend and, to cope with financial needs.
Distinguished Speakers and Presentation Topics:
Matt Cherian, VP, HSBC
“Global Banking in the 21 Century”
With easing of international instructions, the global flow of capital has become that much easier. Nowadays, to be able to send money from one country to another has made global banking an actuality for many businesses and professionals"
George L Clarke, Sr. Technical Recruiter at Technology Resource Network
 “How to get a job in the Bay Area?”
How do you find a job in today's harsh job market, with unemployment in California at 10% or more?

An insider's look at how the process of recruiting works will be presented. How boutique agencies find new contracts and what companies are working through recruiting agencies and why. Also covered in the seminar will be how we choose suitable candidates to present to companies and where we go from there. There are new job opportunities in the Bay Area right now, so know where to apply and how to maximize your chances of getting the job you deserve.

Note: Event Flyer is attached.

Best regards,

Jason Wang
CASPA Chairman and President
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