Taiwan Tech Trek 200901/01/2009 - 08/15/2009

The National Science Council, in cooperation with Academia Sinica, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, Department of Health, Environmental Protection Administration, National Youth Commission, Council of Agriculture, National Applied Research Laboratories, International Cooperation and Development Fund, and Taiwan Foundation for Democracy is pleased to announce an exciting internship program, Taiwan Tech Trek 2009 for overseas Taiwanese youths interested in hands-on internship or research experiences in Taiwan. Opportunities will be available to intern at outstanding research institutes or learn state-of-the-art technology at Taiwan’s famous science parks, national laboratories, and high-tech companies.
This summer program is part of the Taiwan government’s overall effort to recruit new generations of overseas Taiwanese for the purpose of raising Taiwan’s overall competitiveness. This generation possesses the language abilities professional expertise, and international savvy that are advantageous to Taiwan’s S&T industries and manpower needs. Building a strategic liaison with this generation can attract long-term returnees for the future, infuse fresh energy into Taiwan’s workforce, and ultimately increase international support for Taiwan.
Taiwan’s advantages
Taiwan enjoys a vibrant economy and an excellent technological environment. As a major world player in manufacturing technology, Taiwan is one of the largest information hardware producers for semiconductors, optoelectronics, and information and communication products. Taiwan offers an excellent and dynamic environment for interns to gain hands-on experience.
Experience vibrant Taiwan
Apart from gaining valuable professional training, a summer in Taiwan provides an ideal opportunity for overseas Taiwanese to explore their roots, learn local culture, improve language skills, and even connect with relatives in Taiwan!
About the program
TTT2009 is an eight-week program beginning late-June. Around 200~250 youths of Taiwanese ancestry aged 18~30 will be recruited from various countries through a selective application process. Interns will participate in a five-day group orientation (June 24~June 28) and thereafter proceed to their designated internship positions throughout Taiwan for seven weeks of internship (June 29~August 15). With the approval of host institutes and NSC, interns can apply for early commencement or extension of their internships. Interns, however, are responsible for the costs of extra days of their stay in Taiwan. Some hosts may provide interns with subsidies for their extension but it varies from different institutes. Interns shall initiate contact with their host institutes for the details in regard to extension and early commencement. At the end of the program, interns will have to present the results of their work at an academic conference.
Two types of internships are available:
a.       Individual internships: The TTT Program Office will arrange internship positions at various host institutes and companies in Taiwan based on participants’ choices.
b.      Special group projects: Interns will be teamed in groups of 4~12 people to conduct in-depth research into major issues in Taiwan such as future technology, Taiwan’s international status, etc. At the end of the internship, each group is required to submit a group project report to TTT Office.
Group orientation will be held from June 24~June 28, 2009. Details about itinerary will be announced later.

Taiwan Tech Trek is currently seeking approximately 200~250 domestic and overseas Taiwanese youths to participate in its summer internship program. Qualified candidates should complete and submit their application no later thanFebruary 9, 2009 (Taiwan time). Successful candidates will participate in a five-day orientation (June 24~June 28) followed by a seven-week subsidized internship at host institutes in Taiwan (June 29 ~August 15). At the end of the program, all participants must present the results of their work at the TTT 2009 Academic Conference.
A. Candidate Qualification       
1.      Foreign interns (for overseas Taiwanese applicants):
(a)   Must be of Taiwanese descent
(b)   Must not have received any formal education in Taiwan beyond elementary school
(c)   Must have completed at least the first two years of university-level education in a foreign country (or expect to complete the second year before 6/24/2009)
(d)   Must not have previously accepted full-time employment in Taiwan (internships are not considered full-time employment)
(e)   Must be between ages 18~30 (birth date between 8/15/1979 and 6/24/1991 inclusive)
(f)     Must be able to communicate in one of the following languages: English, Mandarin, or Taiwanese
2.      Domestic interns:
(a)   Must have participated in an NSC College Student Research Project from 2004~2008. (2004~2008?????????????)
(b)   Must be between ages 18~30 (birth date between 8/15/1979 and 6/24/1991 inclusive)
(c)   Must possess excellent English speaking and writing skills
B. Types of Internships
1.        Individual internships (available to foreign interns): The TTT Program Office has arranged individual internship positions at various host institutes all across Taiwan, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private companies. Early commencement or extension of internship is available with the approval of assigned host institute and NSC. Interns are expected to initiate contact with their hosts for the details if they would like to start earlier or extend their internships. NSC, however, does not provide extra subsidies for their extra stay in Taiwan.
2.        Group projects (available to foreign and domestic interns): The group projects are designed for in-depth research into major issues in Taiwan, such as future technology, Taiwan’s international status, etc. Each group project will consist of foreign interns teamed with domestic interns in groups of 4~12 people. Each group will be required to submit a research paper detailing their findings at the end of the internship phase.
C. Restriction for Foreign Non-students
To avoid complications with work permits and labor regulations, there will be a restriction on the type of internships available to foreign non-students. If you are not a Taiwanese national, and you are not a student, you may only apply for government agencies from the list of individual internships.
D. Application Process
All foreign and domestic candidates must complete and submit an online application form, statement of purpose, and the following supporting documents between January 21 and February 9, 2009 (Taiwan time). All applications and documentations must be submitted through our online application system. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
            Supporting documents:
1.      Identification document: Foreign interns please submit a copy of your passport data page (showing name, passport number, expiration date); if you do not have a passport, please submit another photo ID such as a national ID card or driver’s license. Domestic interns please submit front and back copies of your ROC ID card.
2.      Latest copy of an academic transcript.
3.      Current resume.
4.      For students: Front and back copies of a current student ID.
5.      Optional: copies of any awards, achievements, academic certificates, or letters of recommendation (limit to 5 pages total).
E. Review Process
Foreign applications will be assigned to the applicant’s nearest ROC embassy, consulate, or representative office for initial screening; domestic applications will be assigned to the TTT Program Office in Taipei. All qualified applications will then be forwarded to host institutes for a review process. Based on applicants’ qualifications, job skill requirements, and other review factors, the host institutes will decide which applicants they wish to accept. All decisions made by the hosts are final. In addition, to enable more overseas Taiwanese youths to experience Taiwan and its culture, applicants who have never participated in TTT are the priority in the host institutes’ selection process.
Each applicant may select up to three internships in order of preference (first choice, second choice, etc). A candidate who has been simultaneously selected by two or more host institutes will be assigned to the institute of his/her highest preference. For instance, if a candidate has been accepted by her first-choice and third-choice institutes, she will be assigned to the first-choice institute. Applicants shall also indicate in the application forms if they have first to third-degree relatives working in their selected host institutes to prevent a conflict of interest.
To provide fair opportunity to new participants, the proportion of returning TTT participants will not exceed one-third of all interns accepted into the program.  Successful candidates will be notified by March 27, 2009, and candidates must confirm acceptance by April 8. Alternate (waitlisted) candidates will be selected and notified by April 22, 2009 if deemed necessary.
F. Subsidy, Insurance, and Others
1.      Food and lodging subsidy: During the five-day orientation, food and lodging will be provided for all interns. After orientation, the NSC will provide each participant with a subsidy of NT$600 per calendar day for the seven-week internship phase of the program (NT$30,000 in total). If an intern misses work, NT$600 will be deducted per workday absent according to the Subsidy Chart below.
2.      Transportation subsidy (only available for foreign interns): NSC will provide each foreign intern with a subsidy of NT$10,000 for their travel to Taiwan.
3.      Insurance coverage: The TTT Program Office will provide limited accidental insurance for the duration of the internship, but all interns are required to have their own medical and accidental insurance while in Taiwan. (Please check with your insurance company if your current policy covers illnesses and accidents in Taiwan. If you have Taiwan National Health Insurance ??, you do not need to purchase additional insurance.) Upon registration, all interns will be required to provide proof of insurance to our staff.
4.      HIV test: Upon registration, all foreign interns will also be required to provide the results of a current HIV test (within six months). This procedure is required by the laws of the ROC.
G. Housing and Transportation
The TTT Program Office will provide food, lodging, and transportation during orientation. Participants are responsible for arranging their own housing and transportation for the remainder of the summer. The TTT Program Office may provide assistance in finding housing at local universities or host dormitories, but participants are strongly encouraged to stay with friends or relatives in Taiwan.
H. Academic Conference and Award Night Banquet
At the end of the program, participants are required to present their work or research accomplishments either individually or in groups at the TTT 2009 Academic Conference. Each intern/group must prepare and submit an abstract of their presentation to the TTT Program Office by July 31. The conference will be held on August 14 during the day, followed by an award banquet in the evening of August 15. Awards will be conferred to the best presentations. It is also compulsory for all interns to attend the Academic Conference and Award Night Banquet. More details regarding Academic Conference and Award Night Banquet will be announced later.
I. Certificate of Achievement
At the end of the program, NSC will issue each participant with certificates of achievement for their completion of the internships. Interns who take leaves for more than 10 (inclusive) days or fail to attend the Academic Conference may not receive their certificates of achievement.
J. Final Essay and Survey 
After completion of the program each participant will be required to submit a survey form and a final essay describing their Taiwan experience. Following a review of each final essay, a prize of NT$3000 will be awarded to participants with the highest report scores. The final essay and survey are due to the TTT Program Office by August 31. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from future programs in Taiwan. Instructions on final essay will be announced later.


January 21 – February 9
Application period
March 27
NSC notifies successful candidates by E-mail
April 8
Candidates confirm acceptance
April 22
NSC notifies alternative candidates (if necessary)
May 1
Alternative candidates confirm acceptance(if necessary)
May 25
NSC sends instruction letters to interns by E-mail
June 24 – June 28
Group orientation
June 29
Internships begin
July 18 – July 19
Optional: Weekend trip
July 13- July 20
Registration for Academic Conference
July 21- July 31
Uploading abstracts for Academic Conference
August 14
Internships end: Academic Conference
August 15
Evening: Award Night Banquet
August 15- August 31
Final essay and  online survey due
September 30
Group projects: Research paper due to the NSC
Optional for individuals: Research paper due to the NSC


A. Conduct and disciplinary guidelines
After successful candidates have been accepted into the program, all participants are expected to demonstrate responsible behavior and to show respect to other interns, TTT staff, supervisors, and coworkers. Inappropriate conduct will be reviewed by the TTT Program Office based on these guidelines.
  1. Written notice warnings: Any intern engaging in inappropriate or irresponsible behavior will receive a written notice warning. Instances include disruptive behavior, excessive tardiness, unethical work conduct, etc. Three written warnings will result in dismissal and disqualification from future programs in Taiwan.
  2. Dismissal from program: In severe cases an intern may be dismissed immediately for unapproved absences from orientation activities or work, endangering the safety of others, illegal drug use, or other inappropriate acts as reviewed by the TTT Program Office. Interns expelled from TTT will also be disqualified from future programs in Taiwan. Once being dismissed, interns will no longer receive the rest of their subsidies.
B. Orientation section
  1. Participants are required to attend all orientation activities. In case of illness or important personal matters, please notify TTT staff immediately. Failure to participate without a valid reason will result in a warning letter; unapproved departure from orientation premises may result in program dismissal and the TTT Program Office will notify your designated host institution/supervisors of your dismissal.
  2. Participants are expected to be on time for each scheduled activity. Excessive lateness by individuals will hold up hundreds of people and delay the entire day's schedule, therefore, please be mindful of other people's time. Tardiness of more than 20 minutes without a valid reason will result in a written notice warning.
C. Internship section
  1. Participants are expected to demonstrate professional conduct at their designated internship posts and report to work during designated working hours.
  2. For excessive tardiness without valid reason or other inappropriate conduct, your supervisor may issue written notice warnings and notify the TTT Program Office.
  3. Participants must obtain prior approval from host institutes/supervisors for absences from work. See Subsidy Chart below.
  4. Interns are strongly expected and encouraged to initiate communication regarding internship works with their host institutes once any problem arises before/during the internship.

Subsidy Chart
Amount deducted from
TTT subsidy
Absence due to illness
Notify your work supervisor immediately. If you are absent for three or more days, please provide a doctor's note.
No deduction for absences within five days (with doctor’s notes). NT$600/day after five days OR NT$600/day after two days without a doctor’s note.
Absence due to important personal matter
You must obtain prior approval from your work supervisor.
No show
If you are absent from work for two days without a valid reason and have not notified your supervisor in advance, you will not receive further subsidy and may be dismissed from the program.
Subsidy rights removed
Dismissal from program
Other (inappropriate conduct, etc.)
Other cases will be reviewed by your supervisor and the TTT Program Office on an individual basis. Proof of absence will be needed.
By case
By case

D. Academic Conference and Award Night Banquet
  1. Participants are required to attend all scheduled activities and prepare a presentation on their work or research from the internship phase. Failure to participate in the conference and presentation will result in termination of the last subsidy payment and disqualification from future programs in NSC.
  2. Participants must notify the TTT Program Office immediately in the case of illness as well as important personal matters. Excessive tardiness or unapproved absence will result in termination of the last subsidy payment and disqualification from future programs in NSC.
  3. Interns who fail to attend the Academic Conference may result in not receiving their certificates of achievement.
E. Dress code
  1. Participants may wear casual clothing for orientation week.
  2. Participants should demonstrate professional behavior at work by dressing in casual business attire, or as appropriate for their particular work environment. Flip-flops, slippers, and shorts are usually not permitted.
  3. Participants are encouraged to dress in casual business attire for the Academic Conference and Award Night Banquet.
Taiwanese males: Please be advised that male Taiwanese citizens of eligible age are subject to military conscription. If you are male, between ages 18 and 40 (inclusive), carrying a Taiwan passport, and not currently enrolled in school, you may be obligated to perform military service in Taiwan.
Foreign males of Taiwanese descent: Males of Taiwanese descent, between ages 18 and 40 (inclusive), and carrying foreign passports are not advised to stay in Taiwan for more than four months. If you participate in this program and decide to arrive earlier or leave later than the scheduled program dates, the total length of your stay in Taiwan should not exceed four months to avoid conscription problems.
For more details on military service, please check with your nearest ROC embassy, consulate or representative office, or with the Ministry of the Interior.
A.     Foreign nationals are responsible for applying their own visas before arrival in Taiwan. Participants are responsible for their own ground and transportation expenses should they arrive earlier or leave later than the scheduled program dates.
B.     NSC and TTT Office are not in charge of issuing or extending visas. If any who needs to extend the visa, please contact TTT Office for the proof of participation before extending.
C.     Participants will be subject to all the laws of the Republic of China.
D.     Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Taiwan are severe and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines.
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