CINA Leadership Training Program: Effective Presentations That Drive Sales Success!08/12/2009 - 08/12/2009

CINA Leadership Training Program: Effective Presentations that Drive Sales Success!
Date / Time: August 12 2009 - 06:30pm to 09:00pm
Fee: Free for lifetime and executive members; $10.00 for individual members and students; $25.00 for non-members; Send email to with subject "CINA 8/12 name=" by 8/11; Additional $10 for no RSVP
Venue: Fenwick & West, LLP
801 California Street
Mountain View CA

Michelle E. Messina, President, Explora International LLC.
Deb Siegle, Principal, Strategic Marketing Solutions


Negotiating with business people from other cultures is essential to your long-term success. Clear and concise communication habits are important in their written form, such as the everyday emails necessary to secure a meeting or appointment, to the messages on your website and your personal LinkedIn profile. When you do have your in-person meeting, using crisp, well-enunciated English will you move to the next step of securing that 2nd meeting with your prospective customer.

This workshop focuses on the essential verbal and written communication skills that drive sales success. Learn to craft an effective presentation that will convey your message clearly to potential clients in other cultures and countries. Apply storytelling to your speeches, an essential element that appeals to audiences and will ensure they listen and focus on you from the very beginning of the presentation. Adapt your presentation to the different cultural expectations of your audience, i.e. what to say in France vs. how to present in China. It?s important to understand these distinctions.

About Speakers
Michelle E. Messina is President of Explora International LLC, with over 19 years high technology sales and marketing experience, and specialized expertise helping international companies launch into the US. As an international consultant and published photographer and author, Michelle has worked with business acceleration programs of Mexico, Chile, Armenia, Costa Rica, Hungary, Denmark, Vietnam, Estonia and France helping their innovative entrepreneurs prepare for and enter the US market. She has delivered workshops throughout the world and is bilingual in English and Spanish. She has served as a Vice President Sales, Vice President of Marketing, Business Development Director, and Business Unit General Manager. Executive level positions have included responsibility for marketing strategy, lead generation, product management and marketing, $10M revenue generation, creation and execution of global marketing plans, establishment of European marketing operations and pan-European messaging campaigns.

Deb Siegle is Principal of Strategic Marketing Solutions and assists global clients with strategic research, market and product development, technology, industry and competitive analysis, and customer loyalty and experience projects. She helps clients ?get it right?. Deb helps clients improve their company?s bottom line with each ?right step? ? to deliver the right products and services - using the right message - to the right people - in the right market. Deb quickly identifies and addresses core issues, and develops actionable strategies and tactics that make a measurable difference to her clients.

Deb Siegle has more than 25 years of marketing, customer service, and sales experience in public and privately-held companies in high tech, healthcare/biotech, and professional services. She brings a unique combination of strategic and tactical skills developed through line management experience at fast-growing companies.
Deb holds a MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and a BBA from the University of Michigan. She is a popular speaker and has been featured in executive podcasts on "Customer Voice§, ?Building Customer Loyalty,§ "The Power of Retention Marketing,§ and ?How Research Can Reveal New Insights into Your Customers, Your Product, & Your Brand.§