CASPA New Energy SIG Seminar 2010: "Enabling Home Area Network"06/02/2010 - 06/02/2010

Date:    June 2, 2010     (Wednesday)
Time:  6:30PM –7:00PM Registration and Networking
           7:00PM – 8:20 PM Presentation and Q&A
           8:20PM – 9:00 PM New Energy Special Interest Group discussion
           9:00PM Closing

Location: Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati,
                 650 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1050

Fee:    1) Free to all members and general public to attend
            2) Must be CASPA life time member to join CASPA New Energy SIG
Language: English

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Presentation Title: Enabling the Home Area Network by Barry Haaser, Executive Director, U-SNAP Alliance


The term U-SNAP is an acronym for Utility Smart Network Access Port, a simple, yet cost effective solution that enables any HAN (Home Area Network) standard, present and future, to use any vendor's Smart Meter as a gateway into the home, without adding additional hardware in the meter. By providing industry with a protocol independent serial interface, it is possible to extend the Smart Grid directly to energy aware consumer products.

There is global confusion about the lack of a clear Home Area Network standard. While industry discussions are underway, it is clear it will take several years for industry to make a decision. Given the rapid pace of technological change, it is unlikely that anything selected today will be accepted five years from now. A group of utilities and manufacturers concerned about the lack of standards and HAN-enabled products are recommending a unique approach to the problem that benefits manufacturers, consumers and utilities alike. Their solution allows manufacturers to build smart grid ready products that can support any HAN today or in the future. Whether the network supports ZigBee, 6LoPAN, WiFi, Z-Wave, HomePlug or HomeGrid, an affordable module allows products to connect to any utility HAN, wireless LAN or home automation network.

The U-SNAP Alliance is rapidly gaining support by Smart Grid stakeholders worldwide, including utilities, metering & AMI suppliers, device manufacturers, industry consultants and regulators. In order to accelerate standardization efforts, a specification is nearly completed and consumers should be able to purchase compatible products early this year.

About the Speaker
Barry Haaser formed the Lakeview Group to develop and manage industry ecosystems in the smart grid. Barry set-up and is currently managing the U-SNAP Alliance ( - developing a specification for connecting energy aware consumer products with smart meters; and the SunSpec Alliance that is creating interoperability specifications for equipment used in the renewable energy industry. Barry is also working with Clasma Events to produce the Connectivity Week conference and expo, taking place May 24 to 27 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Prior to starting this new venture Barry spent over 25 years in the high tech industry working in Silicon Valley and Europe where he held a variety of marketing and business development positions. Barry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from San Jose State University.


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