Mechanism Design Expert --JC792123

Title Mechanism Design Expert --JC792123
Company Baidu Inc

Beijing, China


Search for mechanism design directions/methods for the purpose of maximize monetization capability for AD network promotion, including but not limited to:
1. Ad-post mechanism, including search, matching, ranking, etc.
2. Mechanism to stimulate advertisers to improve ad quality, including CTR (click through rate) and conversion rate, etc.
3. Pricing policies, including reserve price, bidding mechanism, charge rule based on CPC (charge per click) model, etc.
4. Research on new models for commercial products (such as new auction model) and introduction of new commercial products, if possible


1. Phd or master, majoring in computer science, information technology, economics, mathematics, management science, etc.
2. Strong background of mathematics and statistics
3. Experience in data mining, machine learning, and modeling
4. No less than 3 years of job experience for online commercial products mechanism design


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