Business Operations Systems Architect - JC792112

Title Business Operations Systems Architect - JC792112
Company Baidu Inc

Beijing, China


1.    Business needs systematic analysis to research and feasibility report, combined with the high demand for designing scalable, high performance, secure, stable, reliable operating system business
2.    Configured to achieve business needs change, track and research the latest technology and applied product
3.    Guide research and development engineers working in product development and technology, create a good atmosphere for research and development to improve the overall technological level of the team


1.    Grasp with the sales, customer service and other business operations and analysis, proficient in operating-type CRM, analytical CRM and other common business model
2.    Proficient in design patterns, SOA and other common software architecture familiar ideas, good design of reusable components and customized products
3.    Proficient STRUTS + SPRING + HIBERNATE open source framework, get familiar with open source components
4.    Database within the realization of the basic theory and a deep understanding of mechanisms can be skillful application of mysql, oracle, sqlserver at least two, there are actually 100 million order of magnitude the amount of data the database design experience


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