Senior Business Analyst - JC792111

Title Senior Business Analyst - JC792111
Company Baidu Inc

Beijing, China


1.    Responsible for analyzing business data related to in-depth understanding of users behavior, customer development, industry and the latest trends, combined with keen business sense of smell, the pursuit of greater liquidity, better user experience
2.    Through the depth of data analysis, excavation to the user and customer demand, revenue growth, improve the point system
3.    Keen insight on the data, identify potential anomalies and rapid positioning of the essence, to provide targeted solutions
4.    Through a comprehensive understanding of business and operations to continuously improve the construction of core data, combined with the actual design data mining model, optimize business index system


1.    2 years relevant work experience, Master's degree or above, with business statistics, computational mathematics, economics and management related field preferred
2.    Data excavation with deep knowledge, keen insight into the data, of logical thinking, professional report on the organization, there are web-oriented data analysis is preferred
3.    Excellent communication and learning adjustment ability, can cope with pressure, and lead the team continued to professional excellence
4.    Skilled use of SPSS and other kinds of analysis software, have basic programming skills, familiar with the Linux environment, SQL, SHELL and other priority


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