Research And Development Staff Engineer(Online Advertising Search Core Technology) - JC792108

Title Research and Development Staff Engineer(Online advertising search core technology) - JC792108
Company Baidu Inc

Beijing, China


1.    Responsible Baidu online advertising retrieval system for the core relevance of technological innovation and optimization
2.    Application of information retrieval, natural language processing technology to analyze and understand the pages and users, optimizing the correlation online advertising
3.    The forefront of online advertising theory and technology to improve the relevance of online advertising, liquidity and user experience, to achieve the perfect combination of technology and business


1.    Master the information retrieval, natural language processing, machine learning and other fields of basic theory and methods, and have some experience in related research or projects
2.    Grasp with C / C + + language programming, data structures and algorithms on a more profound understanding of the design
3.    Excellent analysis of problems and problem-solving ability to solve challenging problems and passionate
4.    In the search engines, online advertising and so on have deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience, and have 3 years relevant working experience


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