Research And Development Staff Engineer(infrastructure) - JC792106

Title Research and Development Staff Engineer(infrastructure) - JC792106
Company Baidu Inc

Beijing, China


1.    Baidu is looking for researchers and engineers to develop the next generation search engine architecture. You are expected to work on the following topics:
  - Huge volume data storage and processing
  - High performance server architecture
  - Distributed infrastructure
  - System support for large-scale machine learning and information retrieval algorithms
2.    Your responsibility is to design and implement such systems, which not only deliver performance but also reveal the beauties of system design, in terms of scalability, availability, manageability and programmability.


1.    Master degree and Ph.D in Computer Science or a related technical field is required
2.     Extensive knowledge and experience in at least one of the following areas:
      - Operating system kernel, storage systems, or virtual machines
      - Distributed systems, large-scale software systems, or high-performance services
      - Architecture, compiler, or optimization
      - Distributed protocols, or parallel algorithms
3.    Strong analytical skills coupled with in-depth hacking, coding and debugging.
4.    Deep understanding of programming model or design patterns.
5.    Programming skills and experience in C/C++.
6.    Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
7.    Deeply understand the structures, distributions, ecology of websites on the Internet
8.    Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and hands-on.
9.    Strong oral and written communication skills; good team player.


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