Linux Software Engineer - 558810

Title Linux Software Engineer - 558810
Company Intel

Hillsboro,OR/ Phoenix, AZ/ Folsom, CA/ Santa Clara, CA


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You should possess a relevant educational qualification. Additional qualifications include:
1.    Expertise in development of Linux kernel modules
2.    Excellent SW development, debugging and testing skills in C and C++
3.    Two years of solid Linux* software development experience
4.    Solid Linux* driver development experience
5.    Strong understanding of various desktop technologies available on Linux*, including OpenGL*, Cairo, Xlib, Eclipse, Anjuta, and compiz plug-ins, as well as familiarity with existing toolkit libraries like GTK+
6.    Knowledge of open source development models, and experience dealing with Linux* distros and organizations developing open source software outside of Intel
7.    Knowledge of generic software product life cycle and testing methodology
8.    Embedded Linux experience
9.    Familiarity in Linux* driver and/or Kernel knowledge, open source ecosystem
10.    Experience in debugging complex system issues across the stack including kernel, drivers, firmware, as well as user-space modules
11.    Experience in designing, developing, testing, documenting and delivering software solution stacks on Linux* Operating System (OS)


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