Principal Technology Scientist

Title Principal Technology Scientist
Company CEC: China National Software & Service Co



You will be responsible for the research in these areas: High-end industry application, Cloud Computing in regional information development and the application development; Migration solution base on Cloud Computing; SAAS and PaaS key technology, including security technology on data storage and transmission.


Doctor’s degree or above, can work five years continuously with no less than six months a year. You must meet one of conditions below:

    1. You must have over 3 years technology working experience in famous universities or research institutes as an associate professor or higher (positions with the same level is accepted). Over 3 years experiences of guiding important research projects in famous enterprises are also required. And you should be an owner of research results which is able to improve the innovation and products updating for the enterprise;
    2. If you work for your own company, you should own intellectual property, and those patents must be advanced in the world in order to transform into industrial production in high potential market. Overseas entrepreneurial experience is preferred and you must be familiar with the relevant international rules. About your company, your own funds or foreign venture capital should be more than 30% of the total capital;
    3. You must work as a senior position of professional technique in a world known IT company;
    4. Familiar with the large-scale distributed computing theories and key technologies;
    5. Knowledge in cloud computing, grid computing, distributed computing, service computing, massive data online storage, large scale parallel computing;
    6. Familiar with Linux/Unix OS, including system management and setting, Shell script programming, software developing, etc;
    7. Strong understanding of the service model and international standard of cloud computing, virtualization technology (kvm, xen, vbox, vmware, etc.);
    8. Familiar with storage protocols(scsi, iscsi, nfs, cifs, etc.), Network File System, Cluster File System;
    9. Proficient in theoretical basis for high performance computing, has the experience of the design of high performance computing system;
    10. A skill with Large-scale cluster system management or Mobile virtual platform development is preferred;
    11. Experience with open source projects like Hadoop、HBase、HyperTable, and MapReduce programming is preferred;
    12. Track data and dig the assessment and cases study in relevant area;
    13. Proficient in Infrastructure design of products or systems about cloud computing, virtualization (server/application virtualization), etc;
    14. Working experience in some large company which focus on cloud computing is required;
    15. Experienced in design and development of large-scale Products and programs;
    16. Proficient in capacity planning, architecture design, performance optimization in large-scale operation and maintenance system;
    17. Know the principle of Google GFS/Bigtable/Mapreduce; and be able to design the architecture of operation and maintenance platform, to guide the implementation and deployment of the system;
    18. Excellent problem solving skills;
    19. Work efficiently within a team;
    20. Hard working and high responsibility quality;
    21. Strong analytical skills in communication and written skills;
    22. Be good at English listening, speaking and writing.

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