Staff In Information Security Laboratory

Title Staff in Information Security Laboratory
Company CEC: China National Software & Service Co



The job in CS&S Information Security Laboratory is to engage in the research of the future information security innovational technology, providing the technology and theory for the construction of the national information security system.
Major duties:
The lab mainly focuses on the latest news of information security and privacy and its development tendency, core technology, etc.

  1. Research on the information leakage protection and responsibility tracking: Tag-based file protection system, Trojan leakage protection, the e-file trace tracking, leakage accident responsibility tracking and evidence preservation, data destruction algorithms, etc.
  2. The new leakages and security protection technology generated with the appearance of the cloud computing, virtualization, the Internet of things, and the 3C fusion.
  3. The recent products of information security and privacy, and its technology standard.

An oversea Ph.D. is required;

  1. Someone who has worked in the oversea universities or research institutes should be in the position with the same level as an associate professor or higher.
  2. Someone who has worked in an international enterprise should be in the senior position.
  3. Over 5 years experiences on information security research
  4. Familiar with the information security products and market
  5. Wide and forward-looking understanding of the information security products market
  6. Be able to work in China for more than 9 months every year;
  7. Owner of relative intellectual property or core technology will be preferred.
  8. Overseas entrepreneurial experience will be preferred.
  9. Familiarity with relative industry and international rules will be preferred

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