Title CTO in R&D
Company CEC: Huada Empyrean Software Co

Beijing, China


Position Description:
Managing the whole core technology, stipulate and forge up company development plan and road map; organize and implement major technique solutions, supervise tech-development and plan implementation; leading and involving the existing R&D work team for major projects implementation, develop proprietary EDA products.

Duties and responsibility :

  1. Organize and study orientations of the state-of-the-art technologies and products, mastering and compiling of the techno-development plans;
  2. Manage company core technology, stipulate, edit and implement on  major decisions and techno-solutions.
  3. Timely understand and supervise techno-development and strategic plan proceedings;
  4. Research, identify technology trend and make product plans;
  5. Check, guide on general tech-plan, make final techno-evaluation.
  1. Capability of: guidance to merits, team build-up, monitoring skill, work team sense, knowledge acquiring;
  2. Professional knowledge in Computer, electronics, communication fields;
  3. Working experiences :At least over 5 years EDA experiences and R&D history overseas;
  4. Education: Master of Science and above;
  5. Skills: computer, English proficiency level, project managing experiences

Please contact: dongcui@cec-capital.com for more detail. Thank you.