Title CMO
Company CEC: Huada Empyrean Software Co

Beijing, China


Position Description:
Marketing study, help research competitive products to world market;
Stipulate sale policy, managing sale business, finishing sale goals and heading and training sales stuff.
Duties and responsibility:

  1. master market directions; provide unique suggestions;
  2. stipulate sale policy, organize and implement on sale plans
  3. guide sales direction and proceedings;
  4. finish sales plans and money collection
  5. manage market, sales stuff, assistance of build up and training sales team
  1. Capability of: guidance to merits, service mind, flexibility, active, relationship and communication skill, sense of devotion,
  2. Professional knowledge in Computer, micro-electronics, marketing and economics;
  3. Working experiences: at least over 5 years marketing experience;
  4. Education : MBA over
  5. Other Skills: Computer, English proficiency level, market managing experiences



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