Advanced Smart Card Technology Researcher

Title Advanced Smart Card Technology Researcher
Company CEC: Beijing Huahong IC Design Co

Beijing, China

  1. Trace the domestic and international frontier technologies of smart card and information security, responsible for the exploration and research of new technology, propose the product development plan;
  2. Responsible for new product requirements definition, project design and product implementation, promote product marketing.
  1. Master degrees or above in Computers, Communications, or Electronics;
  2. Minimum 5 years of experience in the real-time embedded operating system, with the development techniques of the next-generation smart card operating system, such as Multi-tasking and large capacity card, .NET card, multimedia card, IC-USB and NFC card, WIM card, Java card experience;
  3. Familiar with the domestic and international development situation and trends of the smart card industry; familiar with PKI, information security and network security knowledge, knowing well about public key cryptography-related knowledge;
  4. Knowing about the development trends of the next-generation mobile communications and the security certification development situation, understanding mobile payment and related solutions;
  5. Familiar with VISA, Master card related businesses, banks EMV card and related solutions;
  6. Familiar with the development of “The Internet of Things (IOT)” and the route evolution of core technology, and the development of related industries;
  7. With a strong sense of mission and responsibility, strong research and innovation capacity, perseverance and commitment to pressure, good team player.

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