Product Plan Engineer (for Wireless Communication IC And System)

Title Product plan engineer (for Wireless Communication IC and System)
Company CEC: Huada Electronic Design Co



HED has already established wireless communication R&D center, which is mainly focusing on wireless communication IC product including WLAN chip set and LTE chip set, and the chip set consists of baseband chip, RF chip and single chip.

  1. Ability to fulfill product marketing plan and product specification for the current and future 3 to 5 years market involving WLAN chip, LTE chip and the complete system
  2. Ability to define the selling point after tradeoff among function, performance and appearance
  3. Ability to coordinate market and R&D resources, to monitor project progress, to boost product selling
  4. Master or PHD degree in micro-electronics, communication, signal and system or related
  5. More than 5 years working experience in development of WLAN communication chip development, or product planning of mobile termination, or complete system
  6. Be familiar with design flow of WLAN communication chip and complete system product
  7. With high sensitivity and judgment to market information
  8. Good communication in both English and Chinese
  9. Hard-working and teamwork

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