Senior Application Engineer

Title Senior Application Engineer
Company Cortina



In this position you will provide Access product line (PON ONU and OLT) customer application support.  Help/train customers in learning new product architecture and knowledge, demo new product functionality.  Help/train customers in learning the software release and assist them to develop the application based on that.   Accurately communicate customer feedback to internal team, and help find the solution to resolve the issue.  Support FAE on troubleshooting in lab or on-site.  Help FAE/Sales to promote new design in.  Support Marketing/FAE on new technology analysis and collect market requirements.  You will be joining a great worldwide AE team that has helped Cortina maintain valued vendor status with many of our global customers.


Minimum Experience Required:
1. BSCS or BSEE with Master degree preferred
2. 6+ years experience on EPON/GPON or Ethernet product (R&D, technical support)
2. Master Ethernet fundamental technology like IEEE802.3, 802.1Q Bridge, STP, Trunk, QoS, IGMP, ACL etc
3. 4+ years embedded system R&D experience (on VxWorks or Linux, or some other embedded OS, Linux is preferred)
4. System level on Ethernet/EPON/GPON application
5. Strong C programming and troubleshooting
6. Knowledge of Perl, Tcl and other scripting language is a plus
7. Excellent oral and written communication
8. Good at team work


Please submit your resume online:
If you have any concerns, please contact:Cortina System Inc.
Address: 1376 Bordeaus Drive, Sunnyvale, California, USA 94089
Tel: 408-481-2300
Fax: 408-481-2400