LINUX SOC Firmware Engineer – Senior

Title LINUX SOC Firmware Engineer – Senior
Company Intersil

Chengdu, China


Job Responsibilities:
At this position, engineers are responsible for porting current programs and developing c based or ARM assembly based new programs on SOC platform, helping in evaluating/debugging/tracing peripheral drivers, and discussing with logic design team and system team on module partitions, hardware/software interfaces, as well as data/control flows, etc. They will also support related documents writing.


•    Bachelor or above from computer science, electronic, auto control, or related
•    3+ years of embedded firmware developing experience
•    SOC firmware developing experience a plus
•    Good embedded software programming skills, proficient in c, experience with ARM assembly a plus
•    Familiarity with concepts and development flows and necessary tools of hardware/software co-design
•    Familiar with some of the common peripheral/bus drivers, such as PCI, SATA, LAN, USB
•    Experience with hardware/software co-development a plus
•    Experience with multimedia SOC platform a plus
•    Good problem analysis and solving skill
•    Good team working interactive skills


Intersil is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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