CASPA 2012 Spring Symposium03/17/2012 - 03/17/2012



CASPA 2012 Spring Symposium

Novel Human Interface Technologies for the Future 



Date: Mar 17, 2012 (Saturday)
Time:   12:00pm - 5:30pm
Venue: Intel SC12 Auditorium
             3600 Juliette Lane, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Cost:    Free Admission and Free Parking.
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    The rapid advancement of semiconductor technologies has enabled a wide range of innovative electronics which are fundamentally changing our way of living. New devices ranging from bio-sensors, mobile computing to perceptual computing have opened a new era that human being interacts with each other in health care, business and social life. The novel human interface technologies play a pivotal role in shaping this new age.

    In this symposium, the technologist and visionaries from leading semiconductor companies and world-class research institutions will present the most recent innovative human interface technologies, which have been redefining the bio, mobile and social electronics. Pioneering in these areas, the speakers from Stanford, Intel, Microsoft, NeuroSky and AOpen will share their visions on what human interface future lie on the horizon.

Symposium Program & Distinguished Speakers



Electronic Skin: Flexible and Stretchable Electronics
Prof. Zhenan Bao, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University
Natural and Intuitive Human-Computer Interactions: the Next Frontiers in Computing
Dr. Achintya Bhowmik, Director, Intel Corporation
Design for the Future
Mr. Raj Master, GM, Microsoft Corporation
The Future of Bio-Interfacing for Consumers 
Mr. Stanley Yang, CEO, NeuroSky, Inc.
Increasing Customer Touch Points in Retail through Novel Human Interface 

Mr. Vernon Slack, Director, AOpen


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