RF System Architect

Title RF System Architect
Company MediaTek

San Jose, CA


•    Define digital RF transceiver architecture
•    Develop digital RF transceiver architecture
•    Build up simulation platform


•    PHD with 4+ experience
•    Familiar with various transmitter architectures (Polar, LINC, Doherty) and their trade-offs
•    Prior experience in converter design (DAC,ADC) and/or mixer design
•    In depth knowledge on noise analysis, link budget, and device impairments (PA, LNA, DAC, ADC, mixer, and VCO)
•    understanding on basic modulation schemes(OQPSK,GMSK,QAM,OFDM)
•    Hands-on experience with Matlab, Cadence Virtuoso environment, and ADS


To Apply:  Please send your resume to mediatekusa@mediatek.com