Analog Modeling Engineer

Title Analog Modeling Engineer
Company MediaTek

Woburn, MA


We seek an analog modeling engineer to develop and maintain modeling frameworks for low-power, high performance mixed-signal circuit architectures and to develop and support top-down design and simulation methodologies for mixed-signal components of complex integrated circuits.
The engineer will work as a member of a team that develops mixed-signal integrated circuits for wireless products. The team assesses system requirements, specifies, designs, and simulates mixed-signal circuits, supports mixed-signal circuit integration, and guides evaluation of mixed-signal circuit behavior. The engineer will gather input from analog circuit designer engineers regarding mixed-signal circuit characteristics, modeling requirements, and methodology. The engineer will develop and maintain sophisticated modeling frameworks and top-down design and simulation methodologies without relying on detailed guidance from others regarding modeling and simulation techniques.


•    MS in electrical engineering
•    At least 4-years experience (academic or industrial) after completing MS
•    PhD in electrical engineering or at least 4-years industry experience
•    Solid understand of and experience with tools appropriate for modeling continuous- and discrete-time mixed-signal circuit architectures (ex: Simulink, Verilog-AMS)
•    Good knowledge and understanding of fundamental analog integrated circuit design concepts (transistor behavior, basic circuit structures, noise, etc.)
•    Solid understanding of continuous- and discrete-time signals and systems
•    Strong communication skills


To Apply:  Please send your resume to