Promotion of Nanjing 321 Plan

May 12, 2012

Promotion of Nanjing 321 Plan
by Nanjing Jianye District

Nanjing Hexi Newtown lies to the east of Yangtze River and to the west of Qinhuai River. It is blueprinted as the landmark of modern Nanjing and new center of the City. Jianye focuses on implementing its “one region and five towns”objectives and become a finance center, an expo center, a culture and and sports center, a science and technology center and a commerce center.
“Nanjing’s old city is where to explore its historical interests while Hexi Newtown is where to see its latest development.”Jianye is devoted to its efforts to make the District a modern riverbond eco-friendly area harmonious and prosperous that is fit for the clustering of headquarters,startups and tourists as well as the activities like innovation,inhabitation and recreation.
You are warmly welcomed to invest and prosper in Jianye, Nanjing! 

Jianye’s Incentive Policy Concerning Nanjing 321 Plan

  1. RMB 1-3 million yuan to support project
  2. 100-150 square meters office, free of charge for 3 years
  3. An apartment( suite in 4-starred hotel) free of charge for 3 years
  4. Adjunct professor in associate universities
  5. 100% return of personal income tax retained by the District
  6. Spouse’s employment in the public institution of the District


Mr. Fan, Changlong:
    Tel:86-25-68197796; Mobile:86-13073427357;
Ms. Li, Ning:  


Qualifications for Applicants:

You must own a master degree or above, or the title of professor or associate professor and have registered or plans to register in the region of Nanjing Municipal Administration as the legal person of an innovative enterprise before you decide to apply for Nanjing 321 Plan. Your application is very much likely to be approved if one of the following is met:

  1. You have ever managed a major R&D or engineering project in any disciplinary or technological field home or abroad, or own scientific research results of high-tech significance which enjoy possibility of industrialization and prospect of economic reward;
  2. You own such independent intellectual properties as patents, Microsoft copyrights, ‎IC layout design rights, exclusive technologies etc. which can be characterized by advancement home or abroad or the first of its kind in China with the prospect of industrialization and economic reward; 
  3. You have had entrepreneurial experience home or abroad which helps to start-up in Nanjing in terms of industry, technology, project or finance.
Requirements for Applications: 

  1. It must be the first time for the applicant applying for Nanjing 321 Plan as the legal person of an enterprise which is set up later than January 1, 2012.
  2. A contract or agreement with a Nanjing industry park such as Nanjing Newtown Sci-tech park is needed.
  3. Entrepreneurial industry should be on the list of IT, wind or solar power technology or apparatus, smart grid or power automation, telecommunication, energy-saving, and environment-friendly technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, new materials, track transit, aeronautics and astronautics, Microsoft, outsourcing and other emerging and innovative industries.
  4. The applicant’s invest or registered capital in his or her start-up including money and intellectual property value should be no less than the incentive money from Nanjing 321 Plan.

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