CASPA 2012 Annual Conference And Dinner Banquet (ACDB)10/13/2012 - 10/13/2012


CASPA 2012 Annual Conference and Dinner Banquet (ACDB)

Smart Tech – Smart Life


In the 21st century, people’s life has been enriched tremendously by smart technologies all around the world. Smart phones and tablets completely redefine the concept of phones and mobile computing. Greatly enhanced by user interaction and visual experience via audio, video and perceptual computing, with connection to anywhere and anytime, our quality of life has increased dramatically. With the growing numbers of amazing smart applications running on the top of smart mobile devices, more big data processing, networking bandwidth and network security are needed in the backbone of cloud data centers. GPU computing has continuously played a leading role in defining the forefront of future innovation on "smart technologies", whether it is for visual computing on handheld, mobile, PC, consoles or general purpose data processing in the cloud. The rapid advancement of the smart technologies is enabling a smart life for all Human Beings.

Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center


             5001 Great America Pkwy.

             Santa Clara, CA 95054

Date:   October 13, 2012 (Saturday)

Online registration: Click here

Annual Conference Program

12:00-12:45  Registration & Networking (FREE refreshment)
12:45-13:30  CASPA Annual Election of Board Directors 
13:30-13:45  Welcome from CASPA  
Cost:       Free with online RSVP here

13:45-16:30  AC Keynote Speech  
                        Rodrigo Liang, VP of Engineering, Oracle Corporation
                        Dr. Hong Jiang, Fellow, Chief Media Architect, Intel Architecture Group
                        Peter Hutton, EVP & GM, Media Processing Division, ARM Limited
                        Emmett Kilgariff, VP of GPU Architecture, NVIDIA Corporation
16:30-16:45  Announce BOD Election Result
16:45-17:00  Prize Drawings
            17:00  Conference Adjourns


Dinner Banquet Program


17:30-18:00 Registration & Networking                                       
18:00-18:15 Banquet Seating & Administration
18:15-18:30 VIP introduction
18:30-19:00 Dinner & CASPA 2012 Event Side Show
19:00-19:45 A Year in Review by CASPA 2011-2012 President     
                  CASPA retired Board Director Service Recognition Awards
                  CASPA 2012-2013 Presidential Transition    
                        Inauguration Speech by CASPA 2012-2013 President  
19:45-20:15  Keynote Speech: Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMWare Inc.     
20:15-20:30  CASPA 2012 Scholarship Award Ceremony                          
20:30-21:00  Performance: Music, Rhythm Gymnastics
21:00-21:30  Prize Drawings    
         21:30  Banquet Adjourns

Cost:       $60 purchase online here



Language:  English