Technician, Engineering

Title Technician, Engineering
Company Marvell

Santa Clara,CA


Senior Engineering Technician responsible for managing IC validation lab. Responsibilities include maintaining inventory of lab equipment and supplies, procuring equipment and supplies, debugging electronics, reworking PCB boards and performing bench-level testing of IC's.


** AS + 10 years or BS + 5 years. Degree must be in an engineering field. 
** Directly applicable experience required. Experience must include: 
1 - Direct work with electronics, specifically integrated circuits and SOC’s. 
2 - Lab equipment inventory management: maintaining databases, performing periodic inventory, 
calibration and configuration of equipment. 
3 - DUT and evaluation systems inventory management. Similar to lab equipment inventory 
4 - Maintaining lab to ISO 9XXX standards. 
5 - Rework of PCB’s with surface mount components. 
6 - Debugging electronic systems to component level. 
7 - Characterization of various systems and components using common lab test equipment. 
8 - IC verification and characterization with direction from engineering staff. 
9 - Purchasing and acquisition of components, lab equipment, etc. 
10 - Organizing equipment, DUT’s, evaluation system, components, etc. 
11 - Maintaining an inventory or tools, components, hardware, etc. commonly found in a lab 
** Expert and soldering and re-work. Must be able to solder fine-pitch TQFP to PC boards. 
** Experience with MS office productivity software. Knowledge of databases. 
** Good grasp of basic EE concepts. 
** Must possess an impeccable reputation for quality, reliability and orderliness.


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