CASPA eLetter: Issue No. 23, October 1, 2012

Oct 17, 2012



CASPA eLetter


Issue No. 23
October 1, 2012



CASPA 2012 President’s Words

= Thank You All =


   Greetings!  2012 has been a very fruitful and meaningful year for CASPA.  I would like to thank all our volunteers, members, corp. sponsors, and partners, for your strong support to make this happen.   As we are approaching end of Q3, our biggest annual event – Annual Conference and Dinner Banquet is just around the corner – Saturday, 10/13 at Santa Clara Convention Center.  This year’s theme is “Smart Tech – Smart Life”.   Please join our Annual Conference, and celebrate our great year 2012 together. I will complete the 1-year term as CASPA Chairman and President, and transition the presidency to new Leadership Dr. Liang Peng on 10/13.   I feel grateful for the opportunity to serve our members and community, and appreciate everyone for your friendship and support to CASPA and myself.


Thank you very much,


Jerry Chen

Chairman and President, 2011-2012



CASPA News & Upcoming Events

CASPA 21st Annual Conference and Dinner Banquet (ACDB)

Smart Tech – Smart Life 

Date:           Saturday, October 13, 2012

TIME:           12:00-17:30 Annual Conference

                   18:00-21:30 Dinner Banquet

Venue:         Santa Clara Convention Center

                   5001 Great America Pkwy.

                   Santa Clara, CA 95054

RSVP/COST: Annual Conference (Free online registration)

                   Dinner Banquet ($60 purchase online)

Language:    English


  Since the dawn of the 21st century, people's lives have been tremendously enriched by smart technologies throughout the world. Smart devices are ubiquitously used and completely redefined our life style via a full range of applications in mobile computing, wireless networking, information storing and searching, video streaming, game and entertainment, GPS and automobile computing. New intelligent devices are created out of the latest breakthroughs in human user interface, audio visual and perceptual processing, along with anytime anywhere connectivity to the cloud. With myriad number of amazing smart devices and applications growing by the day, more big data processing, networking bandwidth, security protection are needed in the backbone of cloud data centers. GPU computing has continuously played a leading role in defining the forefront of future innovations in "smart technologies", whether be it for visual computing on handheld, mobile, PC, consoles, display, or general purpose data processing in the cloud. The incessant advancement of smart technologies rapidly enables a smart life that will ultimately benefit and empower each and every one of the human race.  Come join us to listen to our distinguished speakers from industry leading companies, witness the smart technology revolution, and celebrate its unimaginable but magical impact on our future. 



             Annual Conference Program       

12:00-12:45   Registration & Networking

12:45-13:30   CASPA Annual Election of Board Directors 
13:30-13:45   Welcome from CASPA  

13:45-16:30   Keynote Session

     Oracle Software and Hardware Engineered to Work Together

        Rodrigo Liang, VP of Engineering, Oracle

                            Advances of media technology in modern computing

                               Dr. Hong Jiang, Fellow, Chief Media Architect, Intel Corporation

                            Innovations and Challenges of Embedded Graphics Design for Emerging Chinese Market

                              Peter Hutton, EVP & GM, Media Processing Division, ARM Limited

                            The Role of GPUs in the New Computing Paradigm

                            – in the Cloud and in Mobile Devices

                              Emmett Kilgariff, VP of GPU Architecture, NVIDIA Corporation

16:30-16:45    Announce BOD Election Result
16:45-17:00    Prize Drawings
           17:00   Conference Adjourns

            Dinner Banquet Program            

17:30-18:00  Registration & Networking start                                       

18:00-18:15  Seating Start

18:15-18:30  VIP introduction

18:30-19:00  Dinner 

19:00-19:45  A Year in Review by CASPA 2011-2012 President      

                      CASPA retired BOD Service Recognition Awards        

                      CASPA 2012-2013 Presidential Transition Ceremony   

                      Inauguration Speech by CASPA 2012-2013 President  

19:45-20:15  (Keynote)Time to Adapt: Staying Ahead of Smart Technology

  Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMWare Inc.     

20:15-20:30  CASPA 2012 Scholarship Award Ceremony                          

20:30-21:00  Performance: Music, Rhythm Gymnastics

21:00-21:30  Prize Drawings    

          21:30   Banquet Adjourns



Media promotion:

Please see for our ACDB event media video or the iphone version.


Event Sponsor list:

Thanks for the following companies to sponsor our ACDB events:

VMWare, Intel, CHT, MEMSIC, Guardian Financial, Zhai&Wang LLP, Taiwan trade, Ivymax, CEC Capital, Toppan, NeuroSky, Amlogic, and Offete Enterprise.


Drawing prize list:

  We sincerely thank the following sponsors to providing gifts for drawings. This list is still growing.

  China StiX, Ying Wang, CPA, Frankie Ng, Alexander’s Steakhouse, NeuroSky, Biltmore hotel, Merriott Hotel, and Hilton Santa Clara.


 [SVIEF 2012] Capture Opportunities between US & China:

Innovation, Collaboration, and Talents

[CASPA Co-host]

Date:  Saturday, October 20, 2012

Venue: San Jose Convention Center

            150 West San Carlos St.

            San Jose, CA 95110

RSVP:   Please register here


Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum and Professional Career Expo (SVIEF) is a conference designed to foster innovation and promote business partnerships between the U.S. and China.  It’s currently the most influential forum in Silicon Valley connecting the U.S. and China. 


This year Highlights will include:

*200+ Top high tech industry leaders

*Mainstream media coverage from both China and US

*5000 + high tech industry professionals and Engineers locally in attendance

*200 + high tech companies for talents Expo from both China and US in attendance

*20+ high tech parks from China in attendance

*300 + companies from both China and US for business matching

CASPA Corporate Sponsor News

Warm Welcome to Broadcom,
AMD CRM, and ARM as CASPA's new and renewed 2012 Diamond Corporate Sponsor, ITRI, Hisilicon, UMC as CASPA's 2012 Platinum Corp Sponsor, KYEC as CASPA's 2012 Gold Corporate Sponsor who have joined CASPA's family in Jan-March of 2012.


Corporate Sponsor Job Opening

Please check the latest job listing website:

New Job Openings from ITRI, Nevoton, CRM, Lenovo, AMD(China), and Intel(Asia),


September-October 2012:

New Job Opening from Amlogic Inc. with the position on Analog Layout Design Engineer , Platform Software Engineer, and Multimedia Codec Software Engineer


May-June 2012:

ITRI: IC Design Engineers, Embedded System Engineers, Technology Representative for promoting Taiwan-US Industrial Corporation. Managers, Project Leaders, and Researchers in the following areas: Information, Communications, and Cloud Computing; Biomedical Technology and Device; Mechanical and Systems; Material, Chemical, and NanoTechnology; Green Energy & Environment; Electronics and Optoelectronics;


Please send resume to (and copy at your earliest convenience. Qualified candidates will be interviewed before end of June in Silicon Valley. For complete job openings please visit:


SMIC US: Field Application Engineering.


700+ High Tech Job Listing from CASPA 2012 Job Fair


Alliance News  


 [CAISS] CAISS Annual Conference 2012

Storage Component Technologies:

Enable Big Data and Make Better Cloud Computing


Date:  Saturday, Oct. 6th, 2012

Time:  1:00pm – 5:30pm

Venue: Marriott Santa Clara           

           2700 Mission College Boulevard

           Santa Clara, CA 95054

Cost:    Free if RSVP before Sept. 30th, 2012.



  As the amount of data in our world keeps increasing, storage of these large data sets—so-called big data is urgent. Technologies that will enable big data storage have become the new frontier in innovation and competition. As part of the Cloud Storage Series, Chinese American Information Storage Society (CAISS) will host 2012 Annual Conference with a theme “Storage Component Technologies: Enable Big Data and Make Better Cloud Computing”. Established leaders from world-wide storage industry will be speaking about their personal perspectives on this new technology trend.


Invited speakers:

  • Currie Munce, VP, HGST, Research (Moderator)
  • Herbert Lin, VP, WDC, Heads
  • Steve Hwang, VP, Seagate, Media
  • Carl Che, VP, HGST, Drive
  • Yuan Xing Lee, VP, LSI, Electronics
  • Thad Omura, VP, LSI, Flash products
  • Jian Chen, VP, Sandisk
  • Charles Fan, Sr VP, VMWare



      1:00pm-1:30pm          Registration

      1:30pm-4:30pm          Panel discussion

      4:30pm-5:30pm          Reception



[UTAF] US Taiwan High-Tech Forum

Date:  Saturday, Oct. 13th, 2012

Time:  9:00am – 5:00pm

Venue: Hyatt Regency

            Santa Clara, CA

Cost & RSVP: 


  With rapid growth of data and demand of real time access, how to satisfy and make information available anywhere anytime for anyone is a real challenge

   Technologies in MSC (Mobile, Social, and Cloud) will make significant advancement and transformations.  MSC has been the trend to make mass data and information available to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.   The sharing in real time with mass audience has many significant impacts to business, social life, as well as politics that we have evidenced. 

   This “Mobile Social and Cloud Technologies” conference will provide an overview of the technologies in related areas including vision, platform, and applications.   This conference would also help to provide a platform to facilitate the communication and collaboration, to uncover and stimulate development, collaboration, and investment opportunities between the talent pools, institutions, and corporations in Taiwan and USA.

   We have speakers from the industry leaders including HP, Google, Cisco, Murakumo, Centrify, and Cloud Computing Center.  For details, please check our web site at   (or at



 [CINA] Mobile Opportunity - At the Intersection of Web, Wireless, Entertainment and Cloud Computing


Date:   Friday, November 9, 2012

Time:   Program: 12:00pm – 6:45pm

           Reception: 6:45pm – 8:00pm

Venue: Computer History Museum

               1401 N. Shoreline Blvd,

                Mountain View, CA

Cost:    Please check here



About Conference

  As Mobile technology evolves, tremendous business opportunities will emerge. The growing consensus is that our current cabled, PC-centric computing will soon be replaced by an untethered world of smart phones and tablets providing computing, on the go. The mobile network we all envision will be much more flexible, powerful and easier to use than today's wired Internet, but with the added benefit that people can use it anywhere, anytime, with much greater variety of devices.

   Speakers will discuss topics related to the following but not limited:

·         What are the possible Mobile business opportunities in the US, China, Indo China, Africa and East Europe?

·         Who will pay mobile and big data?

·         Why are the large tech companies focused on mobile and cloud computing?

·         What are the challenges and solutions of explosive mobile traffic growth?

·         What is the Next-Gen of Cloud Platform and how would it interact with Mobile?

Notible Speakers:

  Steve Cullen, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, SMB and Cloud, Symantec (Keynote)

  Jesse Fang, Managing Director, Intel China Lab (Keynote)
  Scott Chou, General Partner, Gabriel Venture Partners; General Partner, Michigan eLab

  Timothy Chou, Lecturer of Cloud Computing , Stanford University, Formerly President of Oracle and Cloud     Computing Initiative at Oracle
  Damon Grow, CEO and Co-Founder, CrowdMob Inc.

  Ivan Lee, CEO and Co-Founder, Loki Studios

  Laura Yecies, CEO, SugarSync

  Justin Yoshimura, Founder and CEO, 500 Friends

  Ravi Rishy-Maharaj, CEO & Founder, Gigsky

  Vince Vasquez, CEO and Founder, Cloudbook



[CBA] Chinese Bioscience Association 2012 Annual Conference


Date:  Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Time:  10:00am-5:00pm

Venue: Crowne Plaza Foster City

           1221 Chess Drive,

           Foster City, CA 94404



Theme: Expediting bio-industry growth: innovation, globalization, and evolution


Session 1 focuses on global and industry trends
Session 2 focuses on drug R&D
Session 3 focuses on non-drug R&D




Thank you for your kind attention and generous support.  We look forward to seeing you at CASPA events.




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