Automobile Electronics And Electrical Vehicles04/03/2013 - 04/03/2013

CASPA and the IEEE Silicon Valley Chapter of the Consumer Electronics Society cordially invites you to join 2013 April Seminar of “Automobile Electronics and Electrical Vehicles”. We are honored to invite you to join a group of very inspiring speakers to identify the new sparks of future technology and promote next wave technology innovation in Silicon Valley and in the world.

April Seminar:   Automobile Electronics and Electrical Vehicles

Date and Time:  April 3, 2013, Wednesday, 6pm – 9pm

Location:            Cadence Auditorium, 2665 Seely Ave, San Jose, California     

Registration:      Free Here


1. Automotive Engine and Drive Train Control Electronics

    Ranjit Deshpande, VP of Engineering of Renesas

   This presentation provides insight into controlling the electric traction motors used in today's most fuel efficient vehicles. It will also provide a glimpse into the next-generation solutions that will move the HEV/EV market forward.


2. Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure at GM

    Dr Frankie James, Managing Director of GM Advanced Technology of General Motors

   This talk describes GM's approach to plug-in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. GM is collaborating with other stakeholders to ensure that the charging infrastructure in the US can support the influx of plug-in vehicles, and is also educating consumers about relevant charging resources.  


3. Adapting Touch to Automotive Needs

    Bruno Thuillier, CTO at Elo Touch Solutions

   A surprisingly large 'biodiversity' of touch input technologies have evolved in response to an equally broad 'biodiversity' of touch application needs.  Elo Touch Solutions, Inc. has decades of experience adapting touch technologies to a wide variety of applications needs.  Elo CTO Bruno Thuillier will share insights on the selection and adaptation of touch technology for automotive market needs. 


4. Panel Discussion with the speakers


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Slides of this Seminar:




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