CASPA eLetter: No. 8, April 30, 2013

Apr 30, 2013



CASPA eLetter


Issue No. 8

April 30, 2013



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CASPA News & Upcoming Events

CASPA Corporate Sponsor News

Corporate Sponsor Job Openings

Alliance News


CASPA News & Upcoming Events

2013 CASPA High Tech Job Fair

Detail Job Fair Description

Hiring Companies:

  ARM, Atmel, Contact Singapore, HiSense, HSBC, Intel, Lenovo, Marvell, MediaTek, Microsoft, MEMSIC, SanDisk, SK Hynix, SIPO, SMIC, UMC, Beijing Delegation, and Hefei Delegation + more...

Silicon Valley, CA

May 4 (Sat), 10 am-4 pm
Marriott Hotel Santa Clara
2700 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA

Portland, OR
May 2 (Thurs), 4-8 pm
University Place Hotel & Conference Center,
310 SW Lincoln St, Portland, OR

Registration: Free Here

Watch promotion video here.

  Please check the detailed job descriptions here:


Career Development Forum

May 4 (Sat), 12:30- 14:30
Marriott Hotel Santa Clara
2700 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA

(Inside the 2013 Job Fair)

12:30-13:30    The "Secret Sauce" of High-Tech Job Search: Your UNIQUE Self

                        Ron Yu, Managing Partner at ExecCatalyst

13:30-14:30    Resume writing strategies & Interview skills for successful anchoring high tech jobs

                        Xin-Ning Song, Sr. Design Manager, SK Hynix memory solutions, Inc.

·  Not getting enough interview opportunities for your target role?

·  Interviews not bringing you to the offer stage at your target companies?

·  Uncertain about how to make yourself the most valuable and attractive candidate that you can be?


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CASPA Corporate Sponsor News and Events


Welcome to new and renewed Corporate Members to CASPA's Family in last 3 months:

Diamond Members: AMD, HSBC, Rambus, Walden International, 秦皇岛经济技术开发区, ASE, HKSTP.

Platinum Members: ITRI, Fuzhong, Oracle, Sunlord, Synopsys Inc., HONG KONG DLONG GROUP, Marvell, SMIC, HiSilicon/Huawei, UMC.

Gold Members: Phihong USA, HFSID, LSI Corporation, S3 Graphics, GZICC, Masterlife Financial Group, Pacific Law Group, SIPO, Atoptech, Neurosky, Pantronix Corp, SynTest

Silver Sponsorss: Berkeley Analog, Monolithic Power Systems, EMSolutions, Faraday, Pericom, SiliconCore, ChromaATE

Career Opportunities at ITRI Taiwan

   ITRI, Taiwan is recruiting engineers/researchers, team leaders and managers in the areas of Information, Communications, and Cloud Computing Technology for new Business venture process, big data software architecture, big data analysis and applications, B4G system architecture, 3GPP standard (especially LTE and LTE-A), driving patent portfolio into essential IP, and product management.  Please find below for information about the positions and send resume to (copy as soon as possible.  Qualified candidates will be interviewed in Silicon Valley during April 13~17. (Candidates who are not local will be phone-interviewed around the same timeframe.)


  For detailed information on these job positions please click Here.



时间:201353 5:30-8:30 PM



主办:浙江舟山市政府, 承办:上海华虹国际




慈溪市在经济上一直在全国县级市里名列前茅, 连续多年浙江第一。 在人文生活上,慈溪荣膺了“2012 中国最具幸福感城市的称号。 请在 上了解详情。

浙江慈溪市政府将于20135月中旬将组团赴硅谷和波士顿开展慈溪海 外高层次人才对接洽谈会。请拟有意在慈溪创业, 合作和工作的美国高科技人才尽快填写项目报名表( 最好在3月中前提交项目简介), 以方便慈溪有足够的时间去找到对应感兴趣的企业和投资方到美国进行面对面的项目交流。 也非常欢迎虽无法参加在美国的恰谈会, 但有意在慈溪创业, 项目合作或工作的海外人才填写项目报名表, 可按排另外时间和地点恰谈。请在 上登记。

慈溪市政府海外人才个人资助主要政策, 省市县累计最高资助500万元;海外人才企业团队资助政策, 市县累计最高资助2500万元。对于不在硅谷或波士顿地区, 但被邀请参加硅谷或波士顿恰谈会的有项目报名的美国高科技人才, 慈溪将根据个人申请和费用收据提供美国国内差旅费补贴(最高3000元(RMB/人)。

Taipei Nankang Incubation Center 2013 Silicon Valley event


Great news for U.S. start-up/established companies seeking development in Taiwan…

Date: May 28 ~ June 4, 2013

Time: General Introductory Meeting -- May 29 Wednesday 10 a.m. – noon

           Individual Company Meeting -- May 28 ~ June 4 10:00 am -- 6:00 pm

Place: ITRI International, Inc., 2870 Zanker Road, Suite 140, San Jose, CA 95134

Language: English/Mandarin

Cost: None, please register with Yuping Chen (, (408) 582-2255

Founded in 2003, the Nankang Incubation Center (NKIC) is an all-in-one incubator and has been helping Silicon Valley companies establish their presence in Taiwan.   The Center provides various services including EDA, data center, financial, investment, channels for marketing/sales, talent recruiting, so that a start-up may just focus on their core competence.  In recent years, the coverage has been expanded from IC/SoC Design to many new emerging areas such as Internet applications, embedded software, information & communications system design and integration, medical devices, green energy, automobile electronics/telematics, etc.  Currently there are 29 companies being incubated and most of them were from Silicon Valley. 

For more details please visit:

The Nankang Center home page

The 2013 U.S. Promotion Event

Corporate Sponsor Job Opening

Intel [2/2013]: Logic & Verification Engineer, Strategic Planner

Synopsys [1/2013]: R&D Engineer, Staff

Alliance News  


2013浙江民营资本与海外人才智力对接活动暨海外高层次人才洽谈会, Saturday, May 4, 2013, Santa Clara

[华源科技协会]“融在沙湖”人才资本交流会, May 7, 2013, San Jose

[TAITA] 2013 TAITA Annual Conference-- Mega-Trends Shaping The Next Decade -Impact To Silicon Valley And Taiwan, Saturday, May 18, 2013, San Jose

[STW] SMART TECHnology World, 5/30-5/31/2013, Menlo Park

Thank you for your kind attention and generous support.  We look forward to seeing you at CASPA events.



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