[SVCWireless ]Mobile And Internet Developer Conference -- Open Platform For Global Market05/18/2013 - 05/18/2013


Date & Time: Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Venue: Microsoft Auditorium, 1065 La Avenida, Mountain View, CA 94043

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Event Introduction


With more and more people attending tech conferences in the Silicon Valley each year from all over the world, the global mobile and Internet developers are getting closer to each other in both distance and technology stacks. With open development platforms, open cloud hosting platforms, open graph marketing platforms, open application distribution platforms and open Internet monetization platforms, the global market becomes more accessible and profitable, even to small players who can offer quality products in the market.

Right in the center of Silicon Valley, join our international developer community to hear the insights from the leading platforms and to network with other entrepreneurs


Featured Speakers:

                   ·  Karun Bakshi, Director, Microsoft

                   ·  Dongshuo Li, Head of Online Partnership, Google

                   ·  Hua Wang Hua Wang, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, InnovationWorks

                   ·  Twyla M Guyette, Manager, IBM ISV & Developer Relations

                   ·  Christian Limon, Director of Developer Relations

                   ·  Bob Miller, Co-Founder & CEO, CloudPrime

                   ·  Chandra De Keyser, Co-Founder & CEO, Moodme

                   ·  Carina Wu, Marketing, Silu.com

                   ·  Imin Lee, Representative, Shanghai Yangpu

                   ·  Vivien Wang, Partner, Deloitte

                   ·  Lilly Huang, Director, SVBank

                   ·  Kai Zhang, Founder, CooTek

                   ·  XiangDong Zhang, Presient, GDT

                   ·  Xinhua Liu, CMO, Kingsoft 

                   ·  Dongxu He, Founder, Gamegou

                   ·  Rui Zhang, Founder, Dreaming Game

                   ·  JianShuo Wang, CEO, Baixing

                   ·  Fang Li, Founder, Swarmpix