CASPA eLetter: No. 9, May 15, 2013

Jun 03, 2013



CASPA eLetter


Issue No. 9

May 15, 2013



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2013 Chairmans Words

Dear CASPA Members and Friends, 

    Our exciting first-half journey had culminated in May by the biggest CASPA event this year 2013 CASPA high tech job fair. This has been our 18 years continuous effort in serving the local and global technology community. overall 19 hiring companies came to this event including ARM, Intel, Lenovo, Marvell, Hisense, MediaTek, Microsoft, Sandisk, SMIC,etc. from both hardware and software high tech industries. There were total about 750 attendees joined this job fair submitting resumes and talking to hiring companies. We have continue to prove value in this job fair by helping CASPA's sponsors and partners to recruit work force for their business growth, as well as bringing jobs to the semiconductor and related IT professionals. With the landscape change in the semiconductor industry from PC centric to phones/tablet and other SoC platforms, companies from IP, sensor and software world also came and looked for talents in our job fair. This year, we are very excited to see continuously increasing number of companies from Mainland of China come to the Silicon Valley for oversea recruiting due to the strong demand on high tech talents. Last, for the 1st time in the CASPA history, CASPA has extended this great service from the Silicon Valley to the Silicon Forest Portland. This is a great milestone with record setting for CASPA. Thanks for the great vision and commitment from the new leadership team at CASPAs Portland chapter.

    As semiconductor technology becoming ubiquitous in our life, CASPA has also grown and expanded our corporate sponsor base strongly. As of today, we have a record of over 70 sponsors covering from traditional IC design / manufacture, to IP and SoC system of hardware and software, from processor of CPU/GPU, to wireless network and cloud computing. Meanwhile, we have strengthened our collaboration with alliance significantly, particular in the collaboration with IEEE CES and IEEE DSTC in building more professional programs in technology forums. Going forward, CASPA will keep up the current momentum with increasing brand and stronger partnership, and bring more high quality service to our corporate and individual members in our community.

Liang Peng, Ph.D. (彭亮)

Chairman & President, CASPA


CASPA News & Upcoming Events

CASPA Educational Event

Developing academic strength, leadership, and good financial habits at teenage

Date & Time: Sunday, June 9, 2013 (Afternoon)

Venue: Intel SC12 Auditorium 3600 Juliette Ln., Santa Clara, CA, 95052

Registration: Here

CASPA is planning an educational event on June 9 (Sunday) for the students from middle & high schools in the Silicon Valley.

This event is focused on introducing good methodologies for the students to develop skills for future achievements in academia, personal finance and leadership. A general introduction will be given to the audiences on the  program of Intel Science Talent Search (ISTS) for the students who have interest in developing skills in science and technology. Then, Dr. Shin Wei, an Ivy League veteran, will discuss how to build a career plan and develop leadership from high school. Finally, a financial expert from Keypoint Credit Union will come and  talk about how to build good financial habits at the early stage of one’s life. A panel discussion is followed, in which some outstanding students from local schools and their parents will share successful experiences with audiences. Some of the kids are finalists or semi-finalists of ISTS in the recent years.


1:00-1:15 Welcome from CASPA

1:15-1:30 Introduction on Intel Science Talent Search Program

1:30-2:15 How to develop academic strength & leadership at early stage of life

              Dr. Shin Wei, Ivymax School

2:15-2:45 How to develop good financial habits at early stage of life 

              Doron Noyman, Keypoint Credit Unit



3:00-4:30 Successful experience sharing

CASPA 2013 Summer Symposium

" Make v.s. Buy" - Silicon IP and Its Roles in Semiconductor Ecosystem

Date:       7/13, Saturday 

Time:       1:00 - 5:00 pm

Location: Cadence Auditorium, Building 10, 2655 Seely Ave, San Jose, CA

Registration: Here

        As SOC becomes the main stream of silicon activities, and semiconductor horizontal segmentation continues, Silicon IP has been a growing segment in the ecosystem. Our symposium will invite leading IP industry experts to share with us their views about technology, business aspects of Silicon IP today and tomorrow.


2013 CASPA High Tech Job Fair Summary

Continuous Job Listing from Hiring Companies

Interview with CASPA 2013 Job Fair leaders
Interview with Hiring Company in CASPA 2013 Job Fair

Career Development Forum in CASPA 2013 Job Fair: The "Secret Sauce" of High-Tech Job Search: Your UNIQUE Self, Ron Yu, ExecCatalyst


Join CASPA Today to Create Brilliant Opportunities in Your Career and Business!


CASPA is seeking volunteers for chief eLetter editor and publication editor. Please contact Danny Hua if interested.


CASPA Corporate Sponsor News and Events


Taipei Nankang Incubation Center 2013 Silicon Valley event


Great news for U.S. start-up/established companies seeking development in Taiwan…

Date: May 28 ~ June 4, 2013

Time: General Introductory Meeting -- May 29 Wednesday 10 a.m. – noon

           Individual Company Meeting -- May 28 ~ June 4 10:00 am -- 6:00 pm

Place: ITRI International, Inc., 2870 Zanker Road, Suite 140, San Jose, CA 95134

Language: English/Mandarin

Cost: None, please register with Yuping Chen (, (408) 582-2255

Founded in 2003, the Nankang Incubation Center (NKIC) is an all-in-one incubator and has been helping Silicon Valley companies establish their presence in Taiwan.   The Center provides various services including EDA, data center, financial, investment, channels for marketing/sales, talent recruiting, so that a start-up may just focus on their core competence.  In recent years, the coverage has been expanded from IC/SoC Design to many new emerging areas such as Internet applications, embedded software, information & communications system design and integration, medical devices, green energy, automobile electronics/telematics, etc.  Currently there are 29 companies being incubated and most of them were from Silicon Valley. 

For more details please visit:

The Nankang Center home page

The 2013 U.S. Promotion Event



   浙江慈溪市政府和10多个企业代表团将于2013518日星期六中午在Hilton Santa Clara举办慈溪-硅谷高层次人才对接洽谈会。 诚恳地邀请有意在慈溪创业, 合作和工作的硅谷高科技人才来参加恰谈会,与代表团进行面对面的项目交流。


地点:Hilton Santa Clara

       4949 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, California, 95054


【推介简介】为吸引海外高层次人才回慈溪创业,促进海外高层次创业创新人才与慈溪民营企业和民间资本的有效对接, 帮助慈溪产业的转型和提升,中国浙江慈溪市政府将于20135月中旬再次组团赴美在加州硅谷和波士顿开展2场中国慈溪创业环境推介会暨海外高层次人才招聘对接洽谈会。届时,慈溪市委书记徐华江将带领20余名重点民营企业、主要经济部门和各类产业平台负责人,盛邀医药器械、新材料、装备制造、汽车配件、电子电器等领域并有意回国工作和创业的人才和团队参会进行对接和洽谈。慈溪市政府为了加快产业转型升级,迫切需要引进海外高层次人才,也出台了一系列人才引进政策:海外人才个人资助政策,省市县累计最高资助500万元;海外人才企业团队资助政策,市县累计最高资助2500万元。请有意向参会的海外留学人才携带相关项目参加洽谈对接。请在 上了解详情。

2013年“梦圆中国 选择无锡”(硅谷)引进科技创新创业人才推介会


地点:Hilton Santa Clara, Sierra Ballroom

       4949 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, California, 95054


【推介简介】2006年,素有创新精神和开拓气 质的无锡,在全国率先实施了海外引才计划―― “530”计划。目前已有近两千家“530”企业在无锡落户,“创业之初当保姆、发展之中当导师、成功之后当保安”这一无锡特色的服务模式被广为传播。为进一步深化“530计划,宣传无锡“东方硅谷”新政策,无锡市将由市委书记黄莉新亲自率队, 举办2013年“梦圆中国 选择无锡”(硅谷)引进科技创新创业人才推介会。 推介会现场您将有机会与无锡市委书记黄莉新等多位市领导近距离接触,畅谈您的归国创业计划,现场安排互动交流环节,还可免费享受到丰盛晚宴、结识各界精 英,了解国内动态,拓展事业版图。我们诚邀您的参与,感谢您的惠顾!因参会人数有限,欲报名者请从速。

Mobile and Internet Developer Conference

 Open Platform for Global Market

Date & Time: Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Venue: Microsoft Auditorium, 1065 La Avenida, Mountain View, CA 94043

                    Register for event (More Event Information)
                    Startup Demo & Pitch: Send Request to

With more and more people attending tech conferences in the Silicon Valley each year from all over the world, the global mobile and Internet developers are getting closer to each other in both distance and technology stacks. With open development platforms, open cloud hosting platforms, open graph marketing platforms, open application distribution platforms and open Internet monetization platforms, the global market becomes more accessible and profitable, even to small players who can offer quality products in the market.

Right in the center of Silicon Valley, join our international developer community to hear the insights from the leading platforms and to network with other entrepreneurs 

Job Openings in CASPA 2013 Job Fair 

Alliance News  


2013县市级经济浙江第一的宁波慈溪市海外高层次人才对接洽谈, Saturday, May 18, 2013, Santa Clara

[SVCWireless] Mobile and Internet Developer Conference-- Open Platform for Global Market, Saturday, May 18th, 2013

[TAITA] 2013 TAITA Annual Conference-- Mega-Trends Shaping The Next Decade -Impact To Silicon Valley And Taiwan, Saturday, May 18, 2013, San Jose

[STW] SMART TECHnology World, 5/30-5/31/2013, Menlo Park


Thank you for your kind attention and generous support.  We look forward to seeing you at CASPA events. 



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