2014 TTT (Taiwan 候鳥計畫 )01/08/2014 - 02/06/2014

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2014 候鳥計畫


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To: Friends of S&T Div, TECO in SF

Fm: Science & Technology Div., TECO in S.F.(STSF)

Date: 01/03/14


2014 候鳥計畫

2014 TTT on-line application (01/08-02/06/2014 Taiwan time) at www.nsc.gov.tw/ttt


2014 Taiwan Tech Trek (TTT) 候鳥計畫

 is a summer internship program which provides a unique opportunity for overseas and domestic Taiwanese youths to gain hands-on working and research experiences. It is an eight-week summer internship program from June 22 to August 16.

The on-line application starts on 01/08/14 to 02/06/14 (Taiwan time).

Please visit at http://www.nsc.gov.tw/ttt for details and the general information is in the attached files for your reference.

Inquiries for TTT 2014:

Tel: 886-2-2737-7695; email: ttt@nsc.gov.tw

Inquiries for TTT 2013 (Silicon Valley):

Tel: (408) 986-8686 ; Fax: (408) 986-8066

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