CASPA Entrepreneur Workshop - A Proven Model To Build Start-ups In China - Power IC And LED Start-ups02/08/2014 - 02/08/2014


CASPA Entrepreneur Workshop - A Proven Model to build Start-ups in China - Power IC and LED start-ups

Date: 2/8/2014 (Saturday)

Time: 12:00~15:00 (Light lunch provided)

Venue: Silvaco conference room

Address: Bldg #4,  4701 Patrick Henry Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Topics: Power IC Opportunities and Entrepreneurship in China 

Registration: Here

Do you have your “China Dream” to start a tech company leveraging your IP and the growing economy in China that needs to be transitioned from the labor-intensive industrial to the knowledge-based one? Many local governments in China are offering carrots (incentives) with favorable policies or cash grants to attract overseas Chinese or foreigners to establish local teams in China. But how do you assess the opportunities and evaluate the risks to make sure that you have the resources and capability to build a start-up for success before you dive in. Do you know where to find resources that can help you on funding, manufacturing, and the channel to reach the customers? Do you know how to get ready to be funded with a good legal protection? In this first Entrepreneurship workshop, CASPA invite a few speakers to address issues like these based on their own professional experiences, and you will find from their experience how they may help you to clarify some of your concerns when starting up your new venture.

(Attendees are welcomed to bring projects for further discussion. Our speakers are keen in discussing specific projects that you have and bring resources to enable your projects. )


Anchor Speaker: Edwin Zhang 张翌博士 (CEO: LeadChip Semiconductor)

Dr. Zhang obtained his MSEE degree from California Institute of Technology, and Ph.D. of Electrical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley. He also owns a MOT certificate from Haas Business School. Dr. Zhang inherited power IC area from his father, Weizuo Zhang, who had founded the Power Electronics Society in China. Dr. Zhang had strong application experience with International Rectifier and other major companies since 1989. He also held various marketing management positions at Semtech and Siliconix. His marketing experience covered areas such as company /unit strategy, product definition, application, promotion plan and channel management, etc. Dr. Zhang was the Chairman of Berkeley Chinese Student and Scholar Association, a very active organization in Silicon Valley.

伯克利加大电子工程博士、加州理工学院电子工程硕士、Haas商学院MOT证书。前伯克利加大中国学生学者联谊会(BCSSA)主席。父母为中国半导体第一届大学(北大)毕业生,父亲创立了中国电力电子学会,唯一一个在电源管理领域耕耘了56年的家族。1989年开始进入电力电子行业,先后在IR、Semtech等公司担任产品定义、应用和市场职位,并管理过全亚洲Power IC市场。在国内创建的上海岭芯创造了创立两年产值过亿,人均产值近百万美元的业绩。岭芯于2008年被iSuppli、2009年被《电子工程专辑》评为中国最具发展潜力的十大IC设计公司。2010年被中国留学生创业园评为中国百家最具成长性创业企业。与比亚迪、士兰微和贝岭一起获得国家发改委重点支持20家骨干设计企业资助。张翌博士是浦东软件园等园区的创业导师,曾参与中国节能减排白皮书、工信部LED照明标准委员会、筹备中国LED照明推进联盟创新工作组等工作,并在《中国电子报》《头脑风暴》等多种媒体和论坛上呼吁对IC设计企业的正确引导和支持。
电源管理芯片的市场几乎每年都是双位数或接近双位数的成长,但全球前十大 (欧美公司)的总产值2007年后就开始下降。向制造业产地转移的趋势十分明显。赛迪的数据认为中国电源管理芯片市场占到全球80%(776亿人民币),加上功率器件全球有超过330亿美元功率半导体市场。下面十年一般认为是大陆芯片公司发展的黄金十年,如何在这黄金十年中确立自己的地位?甚至只是为了长久保证自己的饭碗?希望这个讲座能够抛砖引玉,将涉及的话题包括:



Speaker II: Fred Greguras

Partner at K&L Gates. Fred works with early stage and established businesses in the US, Asia and elsewhere in clean tech and other business sectors on financings, commercial transactions and exits. Fred have been legal counsel for many companies from startup to a liquidity event and have done many cross-border financings, JVs and other transactions, particularly involving the U.S. and Asia, and recently on the crowd funding. The K&L Gates global platform provides an effective means to assist businesses wherever they need help. The law firm has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo and Singapore as well as in Brazil, the Middle East and Europe.


Speaker III: David Liu

President of NCVCA (Northern California Venture Capital Association). NCVCA was funded 30 years ago as the first networking group among tech entrepreneurs and angel investors. Early in his career, David worked for Fairchild Semiconductor as a special project management, engineering tipping points for trans-century hi-tech economic from IC to many SUV IPO. He founded an OEM outsourcing service provider Denifer Inc of Hong Kong, which was sold to a Chinese investor, a semiconductor testing equipment producer Zehntel, which was later be acquired by Teradyne, and a financial service company Silicon Valley Systems servicing Asia’s growing financial tech demand. With footprints on great vision and great synergy in greater China over 30 years, David often played key role behind many actions, and was known as one of the founding fathers of OEM Business from Fairchild to Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand.