CASPA 2014 Financial Seminar I02/22/2014 - 02/22/2014

CASPA 2014 Financial Seminar I

Navigating Your Way Through Obama Care and

Building a Tax-Free Retirement Nest Egg...Tips for the Saavy


Date:  February 22, 2014 (Saturday)

Time:  2:00 pm - 5 :00 pm

Venue: ITRI International Inc.

            2870 Zanker Rd., San Jose, CA 95134

Registration: Here

Speakers and Topics:

Christina Yu, Vice President, IntoBenefits, Inc.

Getting Tomorrow's Healthcare System

  • ·         What tomorrow's healthcare looks like
  • ·         Impacts of the Affordable Care Act on your premium
  • ·         How tomorrow's healthcare will give you a better experience while controlling your expenses
  • ·         How to evaluate healthcare providers
  • ·         Where you can find value-based care and how to find the affordable plan

Yvonne Yao, President/CEO,  Masterlife Financial Group, Inc.

Jochen Faas, Co-Founder, Masterlife Financial Group, Inc.

  • ·         How to Rollover your Old 401K to an individual “Pension Plan”? -Guaranteed Income For Life
  • ·         How to build up your “Tax Free Retirement Plan”?

HSBC will be on hand to answer any specific individual's questions about investments and mortgages.