CASPA 2014 Summer Symposium -- Enabling Technologies That Will Shape The Next Wearable Applications07/12/2014 - 07/12/2014

CASPA 2014 Summer Symposium

Enabling Technologies That Will Shape The Next Wearable Applications


Create Mainstream Market Opportunities For A Broad Range Of Industries




The emergence of the Internet of Things will enable contextual interaction of people, places, and things in time and space – what we are now experiencing is the transition from the Mobile Computing Era to the Context Computing Era, which is creating a wide variety of mainstream market opportunities that are redefining the human experience. Wearable technology and devices are now one of the most disruptive and exciting phenomena of our age! Digital health is rapidly evolving as companies seek to provide more accurate data, offer more about health than fitness, offer tools that make data “actionable” and integrate in to the healthcare system. Recent advancements in sensor, Bluetooth and processing technologies, are helping to make smart wearable devices a new reality. Several key elements must be addressed for Wearables 2.0 in terms of design, privacy factors, battery life and all-in-one device offering in order to become the desired product everyone wants to wear 24/7. We look forward to seeing the next generations of wearables evolve rapidly to empower us with an amazing amount of information about ourselves and offer us exceptional user experience.


Date/Time:                                           July 12, 2014 (Saturday), 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Location:                                              Intel SC12 Auditorium, 3600 Juliette Lane, Santa Clara, CA 95054

General Registration:                        Click here (open to all, cost = FREE)

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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Registration & Networking

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm   Welcome & Keynote Addresses

3:10 pm - 4:45 pm   Panel Addresses & Discussion

4:45 pm - 5:30 pm   Speaker Roundtable (CASPA members only, online pre-registration required w/ $5)


Keynote Speakers:

1. Jack Young, Director, Qualcomm Life Fund, Qualcomm Ventures => "Digital Health and Beyond"(Slide, Video)

2. Kambiz Hooshmand, CEO & Founding Partner, Archimedes Ventures => "Age of Context Computing”(Slide, Video)


Panel Speakers:

Moderator: Daniel Nenni, Founder,  (Slide, Video)

3. James M. Bohac, VP, Marketing, Fortemedia => "Voice Control for Wearable Devices"   (Slide, Video)

4. Kelvin Low, Senior Director, Foundry Marketing, Samsung SSI => "The Internet of Things Open Doors to New SoC Design Opportunities" (Video)

5. Sam Massih, Director, Wearable Sensors, InvenSense=> "Wearable Technology Market Trends and Solutions" (Slide, Video)

6. Jett Tsai, CEO, Wellex => "Enabling Technologies That Will Make Smart Wearables Come True"  (Slide, Video)


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