10/23/2010, 12:00pm-9:30pm, Saturday, CASPA Annual Conference & Dinner Banquet.10/23/2010 - 10/23/2010

CASPA 2010 Annual Conference and Dinner Banquet

Date/Time:       October 23, 2010 (Saturday); Conference: 12:00pm-5:30pm; Dinner Banquet: 6:00pm-9:30pm

Venue:              Santa Clara Convention Center,  5001 Great America Pkwy., Santa Clara, CA 95054.

                          Conference: Great America Meeting Rooms 1, 2 & 3

                          Dinner Banquet: Convention Center Great America Ballroom

Parking:            Free

Language:        English

Annual Conference Fee:    Free to public.  On-line RSVP is required.

Dinner Banquet Ticket:      $50 per guest.  Please RSVP and pay in advance.  Tickets may be purchased on-site only if they are still available.

Annual Conference Registration:  Click CASPA AC RSVP Form  for online registration.

Dinner Banquet Ticket Purchase:  Please contact CASPA Office at 408-940-4600 or email: office@caspa.com

Special Event: TPV will be at CASPA Annual Conference  to recruit good talents to Xiamen Fuging, China. There will be on-site interviews. 

For TPV jobs, please click "Corporate Jobs --> Sponsor Jobs"  at top of this page to see the available openings and their descriptions.


Theme: Innovations in Low Carbon Economy


The exponential growth of today’s information technology demands increasing use of energy across all hardware platforms connected by Internet and Wireless. The key to keep that growing momentum is to focus on the energy efficient solutions for computing, communication, and storage. The digital technologies at corporate and consumer platforms have converged, and shifted more towards low power at smart phone and tablet computing with ever decreasing carbon footprints. The cloud computing technologies provide efficient mechanisms for resource pooling and data global sharing, enabling new functions and usages in end users’ platforms.

The rising of GPU, with its highly paralleled many-core architecture, can provide much more efficient mechanism to process large data set than traditional CPU, yielding much higher FLOPS per watt. GPU computing brings new directions to efficient computing, fundamentally challenges the traditional CPU computing. On the other hand, the economic benefit from semiconductor scaling determined by Moore’s Law continues, and accelerates the trend of integrating many IC blocks into one system chip, i.e. System on Chip (SOC). The prevailing adoption of SOC in portable and embedded platforms has made computing an indispensible element of our daily life, with thousands of applications in mobile phones, automobiles, headsets, laptops, games consoles, portable navigation devices, interactive Internet TV, and a multitude of other consumer electronics products.

The trend of low carbon has also extended to the high end computing with the CPU and GPU being fused together. Will it a be an ultimate fate of all the ASIC’s to be absorbed and integrated back in the CPU? Or will it be just another door opened to a new class of innovative technologies that can bring new applications and business models to the IT world?

Low carbon presents great opportunities and new dimensions for building new hardware components and systems, software and platform solutions for new businesses. Please come to CASPA 2010 Annual Conference to learn the perspectives from the technology leaders from the Silicon Valley and the world.


Annual Conference Program

12:00-1:00pm    Registration & Networking (FREE refreshment)
1:00-1:10pm       Welcome from CASPA President
1:10-1:45pm       CASPA Annual Election of Board Directors
1:45-5:15pm       CASPA Annual Conference:
                              Keynote: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in a Low Carbon Economy     
                               Lip-Bu Tan, President & CEO of Cadence;
                               Chairman and Founder of Walden International
                              Panel A: Future Platforms of Computing
                               Kamwar Chadha, Chief Marketing Officer, CSR; Co-founder of Sirf
                               Bryon Shaw, Managing Director of Advanced Technology, General Motor
                               Naveed Sherwani, Chief Executive Officer of Open Silicon
                               Moderator: Liang Peng, CASPA BoD; Platform Architect, Intel
                              Panel B: Emergence of China Semiconductor
                                Dr. Jinxiang (Gene) Liu, President & CEO, C2 Microsystems
                                Dr. Hing Wong, Managing Director of Walden International
                                Dr. Philipp Zhang, Chief Scientist, HiSilicon/Huawei Technologies Co.
                                Moderator: Carmen Chang, Partner of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
5:15-5:20pm     Announce BOD Election Result

5:20-5:30pm     Prize Drawings & Conference Closing (Prize examples: eBook Reader, Intelligent Learning Online Program, and so on.)

Dinner Banquet Program

6:00-6:30pm     Registration & Networking
6:30-6:45pm     Banquet Admission and Seating
6:45-7:15pm     Dinner & CASPA 2010 Event Slide Show
7:15-7:30pm     Introduction of CASPA VIP
7:30-7:50pm     Welcome & 2010 Review from CASPA President
7:50-8:05pm     CASPA Presidential Transition

                             CASPA retired BOD Recognition Awards
8:05-8:40pm      Keynote Speech: The New Era of Fusion Computing

                        Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President & General Manager, AMD
8:40-9:00pm      Dancing Performance from Lu Jun Performing Art Academy
9:00-9:10pm      CASPA 2010 Scholarship Talent Show

9:10-9:20pm      CASPA Scholarship Award Ceremony
9:20-9:30pm      Prize Drawings & Banquet Closing (Prize examples: Round-trip air ticket to Taiwan, netbook, Wifi IP camera, eBook Reader, Intelligent Learning Online Program, TV, Golden Boat, violin, and so on.)


Post-ACDB Notice:

CASPA had a great ACDB on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010.  All the keynotes and guests'  presentations have been posted on this web page as attachment files.   If you missed this wonderful event, but still want to know what were in the  Annual Conference and Mr. Bergman's evening Banquet Dinner keynote speech, you may download the attached files and read them at your leisure.   We do hope that you will continue to support CASPA and make it a point to attend our next event.

Thanks for your support to CASPA.

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