Senior Mechanical Engineer

Title Senior Mechanical Engineer
Company TPV

Xiamen, China


Automation: Design and prototype advanced automated jigs and setups for production or;


Degree Reqired: Ph.D. or M.S.

Specialty:  Materials Science and Engineering


1. Direct development of advanced plastics or metal material and/or advance finishing technology;
2. MS with 2+ years relevant working experiences


About TPV

TPV Technology Limited ("TPV") is a leading display solution provider, specializing in design and production of a wide spectrum of desktop monitors and LCD TVs. Listed on both the Hong Kong and Singapore stock exchanges in October 1999, we have emerged as the largest monitor maker in the world, and command a strong position in the People's Republic of China (PRC) market. Our assurance of quality products and services has earned the trust of renowned PC vendors and long term partnership. We engage our business in ODM and also own brands "AOC" and "Envision.
TPV Innovation Center (Xiamen) is established in January, 2010. We fully endeavor to design and innovate new technologies of display based products. Our research direction including firmware, hardware, liquid crystal module, mechanical design and etc. which are also the core product and technology of TPV Technology Group business units. TPV Innovation Center (Xiamen) is setting its position to occupy in emerging China market and global market by its mission of developing and inventing new product and technology. Since the Center established, we are working together with local university to train the future talents and fully impel to the new & advanced technology in the IT market development.

TPV Innovation Center is formed by a strong, stable, young and energetic R&D team of diverse educational backgrounds and talents.TPV Innovation Center warmly welcomes those talented individuals with local or abroad PhD, Master or Bachelor degrees to come and embrace this group’s highly creative and open-minded culture.

Contact Person: Lucy Zhong (Location: Xiamen, China)
E-mail: Phone: +86-592-3787707, +86-15259288697