12/02/2010: CASPA December 2010 Evening Seminar12/02/2010 - 12/02/2010

CASPA December 2010 Evening Seminar
Theme: beyond success

Date/Time:     December 2, 2010 (Thu), 6:30pm-9:00pm

Venue:           Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, 650 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1050

Format:          English

Cost:               Free.  Online RSVP in advance is required to reserve seats.

RSVP:             Please click CASPA Dec. Seminar for RSVP online.

Agenda:         6:30pm – 7:00pm           Registration & Networking (With Refreshments)

                       7:00pm – 7:10pm          Welcome from CASPA

                       7:10pm – 7:45pm          Managing Your Personal Tax in A Down-Economy

                       7:45pm – 8:20pm          Awakening Quantum Success -   How to Unleash Organizational Potential

                       8:20pm – 8:55pm          Ten Most Common Mistakes in Estate Planning

                       9:00pm                         Adjourn                       

Semiconductor industry consists of both dynamic and unending  nature, where each product innovation lasts only a few years but takes seemingly forever for entrepreneurs and investors to fully ride through and to successfully exit. Besides addressing core competency, our invited experts will share with you their experiences of multi-national revenue models leveraged to deliver cost-effective solutions, tools to inspire management teams to maximize results, and how all of them are scaling to meet the market demands and round up the profits you deserve.


When applied to working and retired individuals who move their assets across borders, similar strategy is used to optimize culture diversification and wealth management.

This seminar is CASPA’s first event by the newly elected 2010-2011 Board and management team. It is also the first of 2011 seminar series for members with interests beyong technologies.

Distinguished Speakers & Agenda Descriptions: 

“Managing Your Personal Tax in A Down-Economy”

Vivien Wang, Senior Manager, International Tax Chinese Services, Deloitte

The new tax legislations in US, Taiwan and China afford the tax authorities greater reach of their taxing nets. Meanwhile, the increasing level of tax compliance requirements add additional burdens to individuals, small and medium business owners operating both inside and outside the US jurisdiction.   How to effectively manage one’s personal tax and minimize risks in various tax jurisdictions becomes even more challenging. This talk covers:


·              The proposed US legislative changes in individual income tax rates and related planning ideas

·              FBAR, FATA and PFIC compliance

·              US expatriation rules

·              US withholding tax on FDAP income for individuals

·              Introduction of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan income tax systems, etc.   


“Awakening Quantum Success – How to Unleash Organizational Potential ” 

Sophia C. Chou, Managing Partner, Chou & Company

People are often limited by self-imposed constraints. So do organizations. The solution? Albert Einstein once indicated that the key lies in consciousness shifts. As he said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” In this talk, Ms. Chou will elaborate how brain neuroscientists measure and document consciousness shifts, present related theories from management and psychology fields, and summarize the tipping point for such grand transformation.

Ms. Chou will also reveal how to achieve such changes based on empirical research data, and introduce “Aware Organization Theory I & II” to address this issue. When we learn to take such “quantum views” towards the corporate environment, we will see the world in a whole new light. Communication transforms into an art of mastery. Management becomes an enjoyable journey. When we achieve such a state, be ready for amazing events to happen.

“Ten Most Common Mistakes in Estate Planning”

Julia Hsiao, New York Life Insurance Company Agent & Financial Adviser, Eagle Strategies LLC

It is not uncommon for affluent Americans to make significant mistakes in their wealth transfer plans. Most do not understand the nature of the mistakes nor the fact that solutions exist. This talk will cover the ten mistakes that are most often made in estate planning, which include Incapacity, Ownership, Tax Free Transfers, Qualified Plans, Charities, etc. The goal is to help uncover your wealth transfer mistakes, provide you with information on some typical solutions, and lay out a “road map” or action plan for implementing these solutions. You will learn how to minimize your estate taxes while maximizing the assets you pass to your heirs. This seminar will focus on issues related to US citizens and non-citizens.


Speaker Biographies:

Vivien Wang, Senior Manager, International Tax Chinese Services, Deloitte. Ms. Wang has over ten years of public accounting and international tax experiences, providing tax consulting, compliance and tax accounting assurance services to various high-tech and venture capital clients. Her experience includes structuring and globally managing both U.S. inbound and outbound investments. She has assisted planning and managed the implementation of worldwide restructurings, mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, and IP migrations for several medium and large sized U.S. multinationals. She  is also a key member of Deloitte China Services Group, specializing in China strategy planning for US companies. Ms. Wang received M.S. in Taxation from San Jose State University, and B.S. in Accounting from University of Utah.

Sophia C. Chou, Managing Partner, Chou & Company. Ms. Chou is currently with a leading-edge business consulting firm. Prior to Chou & Company, Ms. Chou was a co-founder and vice president of business development for iLuminate Technology. Prior to iLuminate, she was a key founding member and marketing head for Alchip Technologies. She worked for Cadence Design Systems, Simplex Solutions, and Altius Solutions at Silicon Valley. Ms. Chou received an MBA from University of California at Berkeley and a BS from National Taiwan University. She is an NLP master practitioner certified by NLP University. She received brainwave training at Anna Wise Institute.


Julia Hsiao, LL.B, J.D., LL.M, New York Life Insurance Company Agent, and Financial Adviser with Eagle Strategies LLC. Ms. Hsiao completed the LL.B. from National Taiwan University School of Law in 1983, received her J.D. from Lincoln Law School in 1996 and LL.M., Master Degree in Taxation from Golden Gate University in 2001. She has involved in the insurance and financial services in Silicon Valley since 1997. Ms. Hsiao has been a Council Agent at New York Life since 1998, and a Life member of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) in 1999~2010. She is also a member of Santa Clara Estate Planning Council since 1998. Her expertise is on financial and estate planning.


Speakers'  Presentations:  Attached are the speakers' presentations for your download.

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