10/31/2010: CASPA 2010 BIMS Business Delegation Report10/31/2010 - 11/08/2010

Press release, Nov. 10, 2010


 CASPA 2010 FALL Business Delegation Successfully Co-hosted BIMS and Visited City of AnYang and Qin Huang Dao


Lead by the newly elected Chairman and President Dr. Dongmin Chen, CASPA 2010 Fall Business Delegation successfully co-hosted Beijing International Microelectronics Symposium(BIMS) and visited the city of AnYang and Qin Huang Dao  from Oct. 31 to Nov. 8, 2010.


2010 BIMS was the eleventh annual meeting organized by Beijing Information Technology/Industrial Bureau, and Beijing Chapter of the Chinese Semiconductor Industrial Association (CBSIA). CASPA has been the co-organizer of this conference since 1999.    CASPA has a long history of friendship and close collaboration with the Beijing IT & industrial Bureau. The Deputy Director Liang Sheng hosted a welcoming dinner for the delegation on the eve of the BIMS conference.


The focus of 2010 BIMS was the future generation LCD panel and digital TVs Technologies.   CASPA invited two distinguished speakers, Sr. VP of Micron Technology, Mike Sadler and CEO of OpenSilicon, Naveed Sherwani to speak on the CEO forum during the first day of BIMS.   During the 2nd day of the conference, CASPA hosted a special session on “Next Generation Digital TV Chips” and featured four presentations by Bob Zhang, CTO of Pixel works, Wen Li, VP of Trident,   Peter Xiao, CEO of newVision, and Shoujun Wang, GM of SiliconImage.   Their lectures covered the key emerging technologies for next generation TV, including 3D TV, IP TV, LCD driver IC for high performance TV, and set-top box for the Triple-play in China consumer market. The conference draw a full house of attendees.


Before the BIMS, CASPA delegation visited the renowned historical city of Anyang where ancient Chinese graphical language were invented. Today Anyang is one of the national pilot cities for solar technology. CASPA delegation met with the Hi-tech development zone officials and solar company management teams and discussed future colorations. Anyang Mayor Zhang Xiaodong hosted a welcoming dinner for the CASPA delegation.   


After Beijing conference, CASPA delegation traveled east to the City of Qin Huang Dao  where the delegation visited the economic development district and exchanged ideas for collaboration with the District Officials.  Accompanied by the host, the delegation toured very tip of the Great Wall.


CASPA 2010 FALL Business Delegation has successfully accomplished its mission to make more friends in China.



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