01/26/2011: CASPA New Energy SIG Seminar01/26/2011 - 01/26/2011

CASPA New Energy SIG Seminar 2011

Theme: Enabling the Smart-Connected Building 

Date:   January 26, 2011  (Wednesday)
Time:   6:30PM –7:00 PM Registration and Networking
             7:00PM –
7:10 PM Welcome to CASPA

             7:10PM 8:00 PM Enabling the Smart-Connected Home

             8:00PM – 8:50 PM Saving energy and Improving Efficiency for Existing Buildings and Industrial Plants

             9:00PM Closing

Location:  Cypress Semiconductor
198 Champion Court San Jose, CA 95134

Cost:    Free.  Online RSVP in advance is required to reserve seats.

RSVP:  Please click CASPA Jan 26 Seminar for online RSVP. 

Language: English

Seminar Abstract:

From last year, CASPA started New Energy Special Interest Group (SIG) seminar series, gathering industrial experts to speak on topics like smart grid, smart building, and smart home, from system architecture to semiconductor chip solutions. Please visit: http://www.caspa.com/events/seminar. On Jan 26, we are privileged to have experts from  two leading companies Marvell and Cypress to talk about how they implement semiconductor technologies to make our buildings more energy efficient and smart at the same time, addressing consumer homes and commercial buildings respectively.


Distinguished Speakers & Agenda Descriptions: 


Enabling the Smart-Connected Home

Manas Saksena, Sr. Director Technology, Marvell

While Home automation technologies have been around for many years, they have so far seen adoption only in either very expensive homes or with do-it-yourself hobbyists. The rollout of the smart-grid infrastructure has generated a renewed interest in the dream of mass-adoption of smart-home capabilities. However, even with the massive interest coming from smart-grid initiatives, the adoption of smart-appliances and devices and their use in smart-grid applications has been relegated to relatively small-deployments.

 In this talk, we will explore a vision of how mass consumer adoption of smart-connected homes can become a reality. We will explore how some innovative companies are developing and bringing products to the market that will facilitate this adoption, and how competition among companies will lead to the virtuous cycle of product improvement and innovation. We will also discuss the enabling technologies in semiconductors, software, and standards that is facilitating this vision.


Saving energy and improving efficiency for existing buildings and industrial plants

Harry Sim, Chief Executive Officer of Cypress Envirosystems

Compared with new facilities, existing buildings and plants often have legacy equipment which waste energy, require more maintenance, and incur more downtime.   A complete rip-out and replace strategy is cost prohibitive and very disruptive to ongoing operations.  

New non-invasive technologies now allow for retrofits which take minutes to install, and deliver substantial savings with investment payback of less than 18 months.   This presentation will cover actual case studies and savings data from Fortune 500 companies related to HVAC, Steam, Compressed Air retrofits.

Speaker Biographies:

Manas Saksena,  Sr. Director Technology, Marvell . Dr. Manas Saksena is leading Marvell's efforts to enable smart-grid applications by offering smart-connectivity solutions for devices such as meters, thermostats, appliances, load-controllers, outlets, and lighting controllers.  Dr. Saksena received his B. Tech degree in 1988 from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and his Ph.D from University of Maryland, College Park in 1994. He spent 6 years as an academic researcher focusing on real-time systems, and published a number of research papers. He joined TimeSys Corporation in 2000, and was the CTO of TimeSys Corporation. At TimeSys, he was responsible for technology and product development on Embedded Linux products and services. He joined Marvell Semiconductor's in 2006 as an Embedded Linux and Open-Source expert before morphing into his current role.

Harry Sim, Chief Executive Officer of Cypress Envirosystems.   Harry has a passion for using cutting edge Silicon Valley technologies to improve efficiency at existing facilities. Prior to Cypress, Harry was the Global VP of Marketing at Honeywell where he worked with older buildings and industrial plants including chemical, pulp and paper, semiconductor, pharmaceutical etc.   He has lived and worked extensively in Europe and Asia Pacific which gives him a perspective on best practices globally.   From 1997 to 2002, Harry was the Asia Pacific Vice President and General Manager for Honeywell Automation based in Hong Kong. Harry was born and raised in Hong Kong, and he attended high school in Canada.   He holds degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from Insead in France.   He is Six-Sigma Black Belt certified, and is a member of the US Green Building Council. 

 Cypress Envirosystems provides innovative technologies to retrofit existing facilities for energy efficiency, energy audits, auto-demand response, ongoing commissioning and lower maintenance costs. 

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