HWA (HW Architecture) Concept Engineer

Title HWA (HW architecture) Concept Engineer
Company Infineon Technologies Xi’an Co. Ltd. ( URGENT !!! )

Xi’an, China


Job Description:
As a member of Concept Engineering Hardware Architecture team that specifies the solutions for 2.5G and 3G handset baseband chips, the candidate will be responsible for the Digital Baseband portion of the solution. This includes the overall HW architecture meeting the functionality and performance specified by the System Requirements. The candidate would be responsible for generating the Sub-System Requirements, allocating the system requirements to the different baseband subsystems of the solution and specifying the implementation architecture to meet the requirements. The responsibilities of the Hardware Architect include some or all of the following:

• Definition of Digital Baseband HW architecture
• Deep understanding of ARM/DSP based SoC architectures, bus architectures, peripherals, and security features.
• Ability to design, implement, and simulate system models for architecture trade-off and bandwidth analysis
• Understanding of power savings techniques, technology, and algorithms
• Ability to review and analyze process technologies and process options in support of low power design
• Understanding of low power IC design architectures and system design architectures.
• Understanding of GSM/GPRS/UMTS Handset systems
• Digital baseband HW architectures and interfaces
• Analog baseband HW architectures and interfaces
• Power management IC HW architectures and interfaces
• Radio/RF HW architectures and interfaces
• Knowledge of external component functionality and interfaces: memory, display, camera, external memory cards, connectivity (USB, BT, etc.)
• Understanding of IC design process and designs
• Process technologies, standard cell libraries, memories, PLL’s, clock generation, I/O buffers-
• IC design, simulation, and testing methodologies
• Comprehend and communicate competitor Digital Baseband architectures and capabilities.
• Develop System Functional specifications that will be used to guide the Development organizations during product development.
• Generate system level requirements for the Digital Baseband portion of a product based on Marketing Requirements Document and industry norms.



• Ph.D or Master Degree on Electronics Engineering/Communication/ Microelectronics or relevant
• Minimum 7 years Engineering experience, 10 years Engineering experience will be preferred
• Experience with ARM based SoC architecture solutions
• Excellent communicator
• Must be able to work with people in many different cultures and in off-site locations
• Excellent team player
• Quick learner
• Able to deliver quality products on schedule
• Willing to work within a sensible development process framework
• Committed to documenting the development work
• The following skills and Experiences will be preferred:
• Proven experimental skills and lab/bench expertise
• Experience with system feature requirements development and management
• Experience with DSP and/or ARM embedded processor development.
• Experience with 3GPP Standard
• Experience with the SW and/or HW development of Communication systems
• Experience with low power design
• Experience with system modeling tools