Crypto Valley Summit - An Introduction To Bitcoin Economy08/28/2014 - 08/28/2014

August 28, Thursday, 7PM-9PM

Building CL2, Google Campus, 1200 Crittenden Lane, Mountain View, CA

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Marc Andreessen famously stated that Bitcoin's enormous potential is to be on par with the Internet itself.  Is Bitcoin just a currency, a payment network, or an open ground for the next wave of innovation?

In this CHAIN panel event, our speakers will give you an overview of the Bitcoin economy, why the underlying blockchain mechanism is such an exciting technology, and what innovative applications can be built on top of it.

Speakers & Topics

David Johnston, Managing Director @ DApps Fund:    Bitcoin Overview

Tom Ding, Founder @ Koinify:    Decentralized funding and governance

Srinivasan Sriram, Founder @ Skuchain:    Applying blockchain technology in supply chain

Brandon Goldman, Co-Founder @ FreshPay:   The top five things holding Bitcoin back from going mainstream

Who Should Attend

Bitcoin enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, and everyone else who would like to catch the endless opportunities in the Bitcoin world.

Speakers Bio

David Johnston has been a 10X serial entrepreneur developing companies in various different fields from software to biotech. He is currently co-founder of the BitAngels (the world's largest angel group) and serves as the Managing Director for the BitAngels Fund. As the Managing Director, David evaluates investments in Decentralized Applications & Protocols that are based on open source software, and use a distributed blockchain for token ownership and access to the application.  He is also a board member at the Mastercoin Foundation, which encourages the development of open source protocols on top of the Bitcoin Protocol.

Tom Ding is Founder and CEO of Koinify, a crypto funding and governance platform, enabling people to crowdfund, build and run projects together through breakthrough technologies like smart contract and cryptographic ledger.  Previously Tom was a Sr. Manager with eBay, where he leaded merchant platform and AsiaPac shipping solutions.  He graduated in computer science at age 14 as one of the youngest college graduates, and acquired MBA degree at 20.

Srinivasan Sriramis a passionate entrepreneur looking to bring efficiencies into the Supply Chain. He has previously built Risk Management software at Salomon Bros., founded an ecommerce startup during the dot-com heyday and played EIR with a small fund. He enjoys hackathons and has done the Executive Program at Stanford GSB.

Brandon Goldman works on products and services that help people use digital currencies in the real world. Brandon entered the digital currencies space in early 2013, when he created a Bitcoin arbitrage trading bot. Previously, Brandon was one of the first dozen employees at Box, where he worked as a software engineer. Later, he was VP of Engineering at Miso Media, a music education technology company in Los Angeles.